I haven't had any chance to work on my poker game over the weekend. Save for reading through all of the Cash Game course sections during my train journey on Friday evening.

Now I finally found myself with a few minutes spare, I decided to take the Cash Game Quiz and scored 89%, that's 19% over the minimum pass rate, but still with some room for improvement. What I think would be great is if at the end of the Poker School Online quizzes, in addition to giving you your score, if you could see how that relates to the average pass mark and let you know specifically which questions you got wrong so you know where work needs to be done.

Other than that, I found 30 minutes to play a few hands of $0.03/0.06 NLHE and was up by a few dollars, before getting a bad beat after having pocket rockets, flopping a third for a set of aces, only for my opponent to get a full house on the river and take me for everything I had in the game. I suppose they're the ups and downs associated with the game.

Now, I'm just looking forward to tomorrow night as I've got the next steps of the Bankroll Builder promo through and need to get some play money hands played to get some feedback on. I'm actually hoping I get a few hands similar to what I had earlier that I can get some advice on.