Hello, to anybody that happens to be reading this, and welcome to my blog - The Unexpected Tales of a Poker Newbie.


I played my first game of poker online on Monday 4th March 2013, a grand total of 3 days ago. I had fun and I'm here to stay.

I don't know what it was, but for some reason late on Monday night I got the urge to start playing poker. I have no idea where this came from as, in my entire life, I think I've played one game of poker around 10 years ago.

I was just about ready to signup for somewhere when I remembered seeing an advert on TV for some sort of no deposit bonus at a gaming site. Not remembering which site it was, I did a quick Google search and up popped a poker site with an offer of $12 ($2 cash, $8 tounament entries) no deposit bonus. So, I duely signed up.

I spent pretty much all of Monday night playing NLHE - 2 tournaments and a number of cash games for $0.01/$0.02 stakes. I managed to place 4th/90 in one and 2nd/60 in the second, winning me a total of $60 to add to my bankroll! I was so ****ing ecstatic, I thought I had it cracked.

Seeing this mild success and being the idiot I am, I started playing back at the cash games, going up to the next stake level at $0.03/$0.06 The first two days I managed to lose just under $15, though my losses have started to become less frequent and my wins more frequent and for higher pots. Today I'm up by about $2 and I'm hoping the upswing will last through the day. I've still got two tournament entries left which I'll probably use over the weekend and maybe I'll make back the lost monies...

Obviously there is lots of room for improvement, so today I signed up for PokerSchoolOnline and PokerStars with the hope of developing my game. I just checked out the PokerStars app (there is actually a Mac client, unlike the web one for the other site) and it looks pretty slick! I'm hoping to get started working through the tutorials and courses here today and start playing my first games at PokerStars tonight. I started a Bankroll Builder thread which will hopefully get me started on the right track to succeed at this game!

Anyways, that's where I'm at. I'm going to try to update my blog everyday, or at least every day that I play poker, as I'd like to keep a close eye on my game and my bankroll...



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