OK. We're at the second break. 1:25:00. We've still got 25 min of extended registration. Right now there's 17,000 players in the tournament. The Average stack is 8,699. I have 21,696. It's highly unusual for me to have this many chips this early in the tournament.

I hit a really nice hand at the 1:06.00 mark. I had worked my original 5K up to 7,670. The blinds were 75/150. I was dealt AA in the Hijack. It was folded to me. I raised to 450. Folded to SB who called. Big Blind raised all in for 4,550. I called and the SB called.

Flop was 9h9sKh. SB pushed the rest of his chips. (1,863). I called. Turn was 4c and river was Js.

SB showed KJc. BB showed AQ. All of a sudden I have 18,933 chips.

I'll keep you updated.