:roll: So... Of course!!  Poker is a blast!!  at least when you can play with others that know what's in their pocket...  Why should I be the one to bite the dust in the 3rd blind level, when I am the one being conservative and not going ALL-IN every time that i happen to recieve 2 WHOLE cards from the dealer... or shove it if I'm afraid i might lose, or bloat the pot in great inticipation of making my flush via runner runner... whateva that is!! lol. 
     Sure, I enjoy the PSO League.  I have learned a bunch, and don't proclaim myself as the best or even the worst...  however, my desire to keep learning, is wearing out!!  Why should I have to sit out, and wait for the gamblers to get their fill !@!# every tourney!! huh?? , ...even worse, who fancies being at the table with the one who took everone elses chips via their come-back trips that cracked Aces and top two pair!!  -  wow -8-O   - ya, you might like them at your table, until you also lose chips due to thier odd behavior...
    Okay, so that kind of play surely wont last long right...?  - it depends...    Senario... : at the start of the tourney, 3 people go all in every time no matter what their fancy is...  one wins... that ONE keeps going all in until they entice, through frustration, a call by another who happens to lose their Big Slick to a pair of 4s made on the river...  blah...  give me a break!!  ,  Now that kind of play pays off right because if i keep moving all in, eventually i can just push people around ... then sit on my nest of chips and finally make the money right>>??  --- at least this can be the case 1/6 of the time  YAY!!!  I get to be happy one out of every 6 tournaments because i can pull the slots lever!!   - (ps... obviously speaking sarcastially, and from anothers' point of view  :wink:
     Please, PSO League, make a Junior and Senior Division cutoff  !!!  -  Thanks a bunch :wink:    :-D