I started learning to play poker because a lot of my friends played and it sounded like a good night out. The usual learning arenas prevailed, PSO, cardplayer.com, etc but like they say, there is no better teacher than practice. Sometimes practicing online tends to lead to a lot of frustration. Play money tables seem to attract crazy aggressive players that bet like crazy and then call call call with nothing but crap in their hand. It would seem they take take nothing into consideration. Like odds and outs. My god, I work really hard at learning odds tables and starting hands etc. It gets a little frustrating when you fold most of the time because one player at the table goes all in, you think he must have something in his hand to go all in and then find out the winning hand was a middle pair and you folded a pair of tens because the betting was irratic and inconsistent. Is this a sign I should be looking for when reading people. And ....... How do you read people online? I'll continue to practice and see if the rogue players fall off and the patient player who knows what he or she is doing and can appreciate the complexities of the game, will prevail.