Hey PSO'ers,

Here is another update. I'm rather busy and don't really make the time to copy paste a graph here. Currently I'm writing this in my break at work. But to be fair, the graph is just horrible. Since my rough start the first week, I managed to climb back above water... for 10min.

And then it all came crumbling down again. Up to this date my losses have gone up to $ 850 and even peaking in a session to -$1000... This is very harsh and is serieusly making me doubt whether I can truely beat this level... Cause on 40.000 hands a -$ 1000 loss equels 5BB's losses for every 100 hands. Those losses are humongous, not to specify that it is somewhat a bigger sample already.

Any analyst, would clearly not invest in those stats! Normally I would crawl in selfpitty and think why me, poker isn't fair and come up with all lame excuses to why it is not working. I had some rough patches right after losing sessions of 300-500$... why me? It's hard to swalllow such losses if you think about the value of it. Luckely the very next day I'm up let the whining aside and focus on what is important.

Do I have to change my game?  - I adopt 2 styles in poker. One is the clear easy ABC tight aggressive poker. Here I'm having a bad redline with some good profits at showdown. But I notice the tighter I get the worse my results. - My second style is loser with a somewhat corrected aggression. This style works well, although I overplay fairly often in 3B pots with AK and onther types of medium PP's. And lastly many losses are accounted to bluffshoves on the river. Risking potsize bets where the foldchances did not increase, is just plain bad tilty play.

So yes I need to change my game. I need to get those bad bluffs out of my range and need to improve my 3B pot plays.

I'm also currently testing out some variable betsizings and raise sizings to see how they react. So far my change although the sample is so small is looking to be fruitfull, if I'm not just lucky.


How am I standing towards my goals?

- $1.200 towards 10.000: I'm currently dropping, so getting further of my goal. But I'll make it! There's no question about it. I believe I'll achieve it!

- 1live tournament... Well I'm waiting for the releasing information about the belgian poker tournaments, which will likely be at least a few months. 

- Reach goldstar every month and once platinumstar. As you noticed I've already played 42k hands at 50NL. This resulted in enough hands and starcoins to get on my way to Platinumstar. If I play at least 1 hour every day till the end of januari, I'll get it for sure.


For the remaining on januari I'll continue focusing to improve my postflop play and remove bad bluffs from my range. As there are still many callingstation out there in 50NL.