Hey PSO'ers!


With a fully uplifted spirit to start this years changed goals, I started grinding the tables from the 2nd of januari. For obvious reasons, I took the 1st a day off. In only 2 days time I made substantial losses. I won't releasy my graphs yet, as that will be for the next post. This session I wanted to share my mindset and thoughts, which I believe might be valuable to some of you aswell as it really helped me.

So I started with a bankroll of 1200 $ and after 2 days of playing I dropped down 10 Buyin's. For a total of a little over 500 $. That is incredibly harsch. So closing out that day my thoughts went towards the hands I played and where I lost the money.

Was it just variance? Am I actually just playing bad? Were my previous winnings in 2015 at 50NL actually luck/positive variance? Am I actually a winning player? Those questions haunted my mind and actually couldn't stop thinking about it. I have yet to figure out how to not think in such ways after demorelising sessions where you lose around 10buy'ins. Thats just brutal. A think you should know, I lost all this in many shorter sessions! Its not 1 or 2 sessions where I lost it all. After a beating I take a small break recollect my thoughts and go again, which definately helps.

Here is what I managed to scrape together before starting my next session. I found out various buy-ins were due to varience which would definately make up for 4-5buy'ins. So where did the rest come from? I realised that I actually bluffed way more than I used to. I wanted to start my year good and win more, thus bluffing my opponant for stacks. The bluffs in essence were rather decent, as every regular would have folded. But I made those to various random players, making them call me down with 2nd pair  TPweakkicker etc. Just horrible calls in essence, but that makes me worse for bluffing them! So therefor the entirety is my fault.

I start my session... Bam woop woop!  Going back up!! So I took my bluffing nearly completely off my playbook. And reevaluate bluffs for full stacks when I have more hands on a play and a better feel of 50NL. But the 4th variance was also on my side and manage to win around 300 $ back. Just what I needed.

Just when you feel you have the groove back, it slips away from under you and another big, big hit. All the way back towards 550$ losses. I was really devastated. It felt worse this time, because I was working back towards break even. That was my goal, instead it was worse. Interesting sidebar. I don't let poker affiliate my relationships in real live. I keep all emotions positive and negative to myself. I don't want poker to affect my social life. I find that a crucial key in my live.

So what do you do and what does every pro suggest when you are on a downswing? Analyse your game. Not to change it! Cause your game worked before and it will still work! But where are your leaks? What constant mistakes do I make that make me lose so much money. Did my game change when I was 'running' bad? Geuss what... in only 5min of analyzing my hands, I found my leak. I overplay in certain spots with certain hands every time. This alone cost me 700 BB in losses, partly varience. But mostly due to my overplaying it!

Secondly I found a huge mistake in my play, which I didn't make in 2015. I stopped putting my opponants on ranges and analysing what could call what bets etc. I was playing my losing sessions so automated that I assumed that range etc. But after thinking about it, I made many mistakes there without being there with my head on every hand. Which results in hiuge losses.

The 6th januari I decided to tighten my range a bith up. And play solid poker for a day. Which worked out well, but losing a lot of value picking up small pots due my tightness.

The 7th januari was back towards my good poker. The range I like and the way I know I play good. Good for me might be weak for you or maybe great. Cause I have so much much room to improve, which I will.

Today I'm nearly out of the hole. Just 2'ish buyins away from getting back to the breakeven line. Will I go up or back down? We'll see in these short days variance will matter a lot. But I'll make sure I'll be happy about all the decisions I make.

Just to put the days in perspective towards hands. I played around 12k hands as of januari. So about 2000 every day. I also made a nice feature to track my goals towards the 10.000$ goal. I'll take a picture of that soon and add it with my graphs.


Doing a little everyday is a lot better than doing a lot some day. So working towards your montlhy goals... Do a little bith every day! This will put you on the fast track towards disciplined pokersuccess.

PS: If I keep this up, i'll be Platinumstar my first month!! This weekend I should have 2500VPP's and re-achieved goldstar.

PS2: Hopefully I see some of you in the Bib Bang tournament this saturday. The earnings from this will count towards my goals, same for events such as daily challenges