Only a month and a half ago I put myself the goal to reach 2.000 Dollars by the end of 2016. I was starting with $ 200 at 25NL and it had been a while since I played. It seemed a decent goal but due to some good runs I actualy reach that goal last week. The major part was winning a $ 2.75  16player sit and go to a big $ 22 buy-in tournament. All it then took was a little rungood and reaching my goal.

This provides me with an opportunity to start 2016 with a fresh new goal. Proving everyone here and Pokerstars that everyone can become great in poker. However now I still have to achieve it through hard work and perhaps I might get that dreamy pokerstars sponsership deal.

My goals for #2016

- Turn $ 1.200 in $10.000

- Play 1 live tournament of € 700+ buy-in. Preferably in the BPC (belgian biggest tournaments hosted by Pokerstars.)

- Reach goldstar every month and 1ce platinumstar.

My Bankroll rules:

- I start at 50NL and may choos to play higher stakes if I start with over 24 Buy In's.

- I may sign up for any tournament as long as the buy-in does not exceed 0.5% of my bankroll. I may not sign up to more than 10at the same time. And one playday may never exceed for more than 2.5% of my bankroll. (Exception is the direct buy-in for the €700+ tournament through withrdawal of pokerstars or online signup.)

- I keep you guys posted at least 2ce a month on my thoughts, results and pictures of my progress.


I wish you all the best with your new goals and hopefully you get inspired and have enough commitment to achieve them.

And remember: Confidence is contagious, but so is lack of confidence! So act confident you will succeed and help me help you help us to succeed. We are Poker!