Hey PSO!!

This week I sadly am unable to share a graph, as my hands for some reasons did not update into HM2. Luckely I managed to fix it, but only have 300hands saved.

This week as mentioned I was playing on my portable small computer, which can only open 2 tables. Therefor I took a shot at 50NL. I could really focus on the games and play as close to my A game as possible, whilst getting a feel of the change in playstyle at 50NL.

To my surprise I noticed the skill-level was about the same. So what the pro's advice to play your normal game really does apply! The biggest difference I notice is the CBet sizes. They tend to bet bigger and 3B more often in the SB. So it feels a little more aggressive, but it also makes your decisions easier I feel.

My main concern with going up a stake, is that there are way less recreational and spazzing players. I couldn't have misjudged that situation. I would say the amount of recreational players is exactly the same. Still many limpers, bluffers, random rare moves. Whilst I notice they like playing more often for their full stacks (although this could be variance luck).

The regulars play pretty straight forward and strong poker. I mainly notice 2 type of regs. The ABC regs. and the lose aggressive regs playing aggressive to win lots of small pots. I can honostly say I think they are a lot stronger and better players than me (but not for long!).

So how did I run?! I ran pretty well! I played around 3500 hands, which was the target I had to make to get enough VPP's. My goal is to reach Goldstar this month.

1722 VPP / 2500 VPP (68%) which is right on target. Although with the festivities I'll have to dedicate at least 1 day to play a bith longer as I'm unable to play on christmas for 3days.

Bankroll: 713,22 $  (+284,39 $ or a 66% bankroll increase)

Review comparison to the past. In the past I was always able to play 25NL decently, but failed every attempt to 50NL. What I realised is, that every time I answer against that little more aggressiveness with aggressiveness myself. 3betting more hands and I didn't really know what and how to play 3Bets very well. I feel like I now know a lot better how to approach 3Betting and 3bet pots, which I feel is massively important to become a really profitable player. You either lose a lot playing 3B pot or win a lot. As many of these pots matter so much. But even now I still have to learn soooo much.

I'm currently struggling whether I should continue 2tabling or perhaps 3tabling 50NL or jumping back to 4tables 25NL. I think I just have to stick to my schedule. My idea in bankrollmanagement was this:

Start 25NL with 200 $

50NL : 1200 $ (dropping back down once under 1000$ or next session is under 1200$)

100NL: 2400 $ and so on so basicly having 24 BI's.

What do you guys think of this bankrollmanagement idea? This bankrollmanagement plan is based on 4tabling zoom.

Tonight I'll be joining the mini million promotion! I'm going for a good run in the 21.50 $ event. I played a sattelite for only 2.75$ and even though it was a hyperturbo, the field was rather soft, so massive value to be found there.

My quote of the week.

You define yourself by the memories you make. Meaning you will only see yourself and remember you are a force to be reckoned with if you managed to book successes. Every emotional moment will create emotions for you, which in turn will make memories for life. Also we remember others, depending on what emotions they make us feel. See how you can influence yourself and the world?!

See you on the felt.