I couldn't quite wait to make my 2nd post. as there is still 1 day left in this week, but I'm not going to play tomorrow due it becoming a family day.

As you can see, I'm running so well combined with some really decent poker play. I've caught myself making a few mistakes while playing. Some rather loose hands I kept calling to long, when I knew the opponant was strong. But I also made some incredibly big laydowns. Which in my past I would've made a crying call. So I'm really statisfied with that.

If you guys would like some hands or something, don't hesitate to ask. Then I might look for the bigger hands or hard decisionhands and I'll post some in my blog.

This week I'll again get the 7000hands, but I feel I should try to get some more volume in.

Current bankroll: 442,43 $. = Almost 18 Buyins!! Hopefully I keep making such good sessions and have low amounts of variance.

My strategy in 25NL is focused on postflop play. I rarely go for flips or all in's preflop. I feel I have a great deal to learn in postflop play and this way I can become way stronger. In these 14k hands I only went all in 4 times preflop with 100BB's+ villains.  1of which I found I played bad.

Quote of the week:

The only failure is not giving it a shot. So keep going at it even when it's rough, with the right attitude and dedication you will get there. Persist and then persist some more.