So every time I'm playing poker I challenge myself. I put up a big goal and go for it. However as you might have noticed, once I get a little turbulence I tend to lose interest. I eventually quit en boom bam. This is an amazingly HORRIBLE tendency and will turn in an ugly habit throughout life. As you probably know.. you have quiters and winners or people with tremendous amount of persistence.

So what better way to start and go from being a quitter towards being a persistent person? So I thought playing what I love the most and stick to it with an every day schedule. Every day I play I enforce a habit. So I decided to deposit 200 EUR last week and play 25NL. Notice here I'm playing with WAY to few buyin's but I actually have up to 1000 EUR this year to invest in poker. But I choose only to deposit more if need be.

Here is my plan with its rules:

- I start to play 25NL

- I play every day I'm home at least 2 hours for an hour. (1k hands)

- I deposit once I drop under 120 $.

Poker Challenge Goal:

- Beat 25NL for at least 2BB/100 in a range of 100k hands.

- Earn 2000 $

Here are the results of last week:

It's quite a rocky graph , But I've started massively labeling the players like Xflixx does. Recreational / Regular. I also write down tendencies I pick up and those notes should help me in the future to earn more.

I've been tested in week 1 heavily. Rocky graphs with such a low bankroll is hard to endure. But even after losing 3 buyins in a session, i managed to smile and keep playing on - the next day

Next week I'll post another gaph. I'll probably make a week's graph and a total graph so it's easier to follow the bankroll 13months to go to get my challenge.