Greetings dear PSO community,

I'm facing a hard truth within myself. For a long time I've been advocating lessons and experiences here to contribute towards the poker community. However I feel like I don't deserve to share knowledge. I've always learned that you should only teach when you have proven you are worthy to teach. What I mean is.. I give advice to do X to be profitable, but sadly I don't do it myself or don't hang in there to do it.

As someone ones said: I'm like a travel agent: I give advice to where to go and how to get there, but haven't been there myself. I should become more a person who follow: Post what you practice. (variance of Practice what you post or practice what you preach.)

My goal this coming year is to grind slowly and steadily on the same NL level. Not the big goals I always had, as I keep quitting after a while. Not that they are too big but I noticed I didn't quite enjoy it anymore then. And I'm a firm believer that anything you want to achieve you need to enjoy.

This is my resolution:

I made a new deposit of 200 EUR and I play 25NL with the aim to play 5000hands a week on avg and aiming to reach 2BB. As I'm a bith rusty and it's been a while I think that's manageable over the year's result, concidering i did 5BB for 100k hands of 25NL.

I decided to start at 25NL as my mind makes it feel boring to play 2NL 5NL and 10NL. I keep making mistakes and feel bored when something goes south as it doesn't represent much money to me. I think I need that spark of small pressure and fun to keep me going.

So now i'm basicly asking you guys.

What idea do you have or trick that I can attain my resolution or even beat it? I really want to get a side income from poker to invest in houses in the future.


I want to thank you for reading. You are amazing. Let me end this again with a famous quote I like: "It's not the will to win that matters, it's the will to prepare to win that matter."