Wow it seems like ages ago since I posted here. I haven't looked on this site for over 6months. And that after all the posts and outs I made about poker early half of 2014. But as my last post states you never fail unless you quit or give up. But I'm back!

I just prioritized others parts in my life more than the goals at hand for poker. I found myself struggling to choose between poker and a gaming carreer shot. Unfortunately my choice was gaming Dota 2 in an attempt to make it somewhere in a year. But due to reasons beyond my control aswell as its a team game, i realized I could not make it in the timeframe I gave myself. Therefor I resigned and made fresh goals for poker for 2015.

With a girlfriend backing my every move there is nothing that can stop me, besides myself. And what a way to come back?! I just logged for another session a few hours back and I saw this 'ULTIMATE' promotion. This is such a rewarding and smart strategy pokerstars pulled here.

It basicly gives you a 30days goal to earn VPP's, which is just above what you were used to in 2014. For me the goal is 3500 VPP's for 87$. This is amazing pokerstars! I started this year planning my every day and now with some extra motivation, which I didn't even need I'll get to play more!

Why is this so good? Many have new years resolutions... But most don't have the drive to make it last. By throwing this promotion it forces you to stretch yourself and go a little further than you normally do. This makes you start a habit pattern, a pattern of playing more, and turning that in a habit. This is a huge win for those people needing that little external motivation.

Good job Pokerstars!


My year goals this year for Poker:

- € 5000 profit

- 500.000 hands.

I have to go to my girlfriend now. I will try and post more here again on my journey through the months. I'm currently behind on my goals, however I did only quit dota2 since this monday.

Stay tuned for more news and also feedback on how you might improve your game by learning from my mistakes or insights


Thought of this post:

Not having poker plans is a plan - Just a really bad one...

Work your plan and plan your work!