Hey PSO! It has been a while since I posted. So I ought to write another blog. I'm currently writing this as I want to share my experience and knowledge which I've obtained the last couple of months.

This starts with the sad news that I lost my bankroll. This even when I made a blog about 'responsible gaming'. It really makes me sad that I'm giving advice, but was incapable of following through with the responsible gaming. I forgot applying it a few evenings and one of those I ended up insanely drunk and hungry for poker. The next day I notice my bankroll dropped to under $200. Knowing my goal for this year is getting a $5k bankroll.

But it actually only makes me sad when I share this. I see that as a mistake. An obstacle I have to overcome in order to succeed. As John Maxwell so clearly stated in a title of his book. You win some, you learn some. I really learned here that overcoming that is an absolute must in order to advance to a higher bankroll. And I will conquer it, there is no question about that. So now I changed my approach towards poker and how I'm going to achieve my goals.

I've been listening to tapes from John Maxwell and suddenly I got it. Although mr. Ford said "You can't built a reputation on what you're going to do." I am going to share this. (My reputation would summarize failing => stand tall, failing => stand tall and learn => failing stand tall. Hell I keep getting up, there is just no reason to give up. I'm determined to succeed in everything I desire. Thats basicly the message I want to give to everyone here. I want you to take what you want and shape it until it is yours to take.

Coming to think of it, I've learned an amazing lesson. A quote: "Don't tell me what you're going to do, show me." This is a real eye-opener for me. Although you can clearly see me writing here but not showing you. This made me realize how selfish I actually am. I don't write just for my readers of this blog. I mainly write for myself. I learn and improve and ingrain every word here in my subconscious mind when I'm writing this. Confirming and instructing my believe that I will succeed. And that my friends I will show you. Even if it takes longer than planned or shorter.

As Michael Jordan said: I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Since I've started a little over a year ago on my selfdevelopment studying program I've grown insanely large. I know what I want when I want it How I want it... However I opened an extra eye the day I've listened countless times to John Maxwell's rule of 5 on youtube, I finally got it. I don't have to work every weekend alot on poker (This was a reason for me slacking tbh). I didn't feel like playing 6hours of poker to reach my goal. But John said, as many others of which I read before. You don't have to do a lot a few days, you have to do something every day.

Every day you need to think about your goal, work your goal. And so I started to play poker every day at least 10minutes. Every day I open those tables of poker 25NL (yes i'm playing above my limit, but hey I beat the limit for about 5-7BB/100 as proven.) Every day I play poker. I come home from work and don't find the time? I make 10min in the morgning or right before I go to sleep. But every day I make or find the time to play those 10min. And may I tell you damn those 10min are easy. Even if I don't feel like playing it are only 10min... If you don't feel like playing and you have to play an hour or 2 or even 6... thats insane. But 10min? Thats about 250 zoom hands. It's easy and fun even when I don't feel like it.

But it are not just 10min of playing. No I think about opker every day, I play poker, I analyze my sessions (its easy not many hands to go through:p ) And now I just got to add Reading every day and being on PSO every day and it is full. Every day I grow in poker.

The best part is even that I play my A game those 10min. It are only 10min I have to really focus intensely on every situation. I actually manage to fold on the river now, when I would normally make a crying call. Hell currently it feels like I'm running way bettter than my 150K hand from before. But then again I'm playing a lot better

I like to end this post with saying. I love to be selfish. I think it's important to be selfish. But selfish in the sense of making sure I myself improve a lot. That I grow invest in myself instead of others right now. So that the day I do succeed, I can help others 100x times more than I could help them now. So I'm investing only in those close to me and myself. And I encourage you to do the same.

example: Invest 1000dollars inyourself now, instead of a good cause. If you have the succeeding disciplines and mentality you will make that 1000 in 100000 and therefor can help them wthen a lot more, when you don't need to help yourself.

I would say good luck at the tables everyone, but the again you create your own luck by improving every day. Keep smiling at that screen until the green keeps coming and coming