‘Responsible gaming’ is a truly remarkable feature, which every serious poker player can take advantage off. Did you ever play drunk and had regrets afterwards? No matter what happens, occasionally your drunk voice might say ‘Psst let’s play a couple of hands, it’ll be great fun!’ Your bankroll however often disagrees. Or perhaps you just aren’t that disciplined yet? You played your cash tables for a while and you are stuck a few buy-ins. You decide to play higher stakes to win it fast back. Sometimes that little voice just keeps bugging you to make a bad decision for your bankroll. Most of us know that little voice within. If you wake up in the morning and you know you should better get up, but decide to stay 5more minutes, or 10more minutes or longer in your bed. That is your little voice dominating your discipline!

Your goal should be to master your little voice from within. It isn’t easy! It takes great willpower and discipline to get over it step by step. But there is good news! First of all you should know that every small discipline where you dominate your little voice will help you to dominate it on other area’s as well! It works in an upward spiral, until you have full control over yourself!

Here is where ‘Responsible Gaming’ comes in! This feature will help you conquer your little voice by completely shutting it out. Take away its power and it can no longer control you, but you control it. With it starting your upward spiral to take control of your own poker career & life!

So what feature is ‘Responsible Gaming’?

You will find the tab for responsible gamer under Request:

Exclude me from playing:

This will allow you to exclude yourself from playing any games on pokerstars. Use this when you know there is a chance you will play, when you aren’t supposed to. Mainly when you know the little voice might convince you to play. This can be when you go out and have a few too many drinks. Or perhaps you got an exam in a few days and you really shouldn’t play poker!  Then depending on how long you need away from the tables you can exclude yourself.

Restrict table limit:

When you play limits you shouldn’t be playing, you risk too much of your bankroll! The goal should be to steadily grow it and not gamble it away. Mostly people play too high limits when they are overconfident or when their little voice advices them to go and play it anyways. This is very dangerous and some players have troubles with it.

But for some of us you might be bankrolled to play 10NL, but your goals don’t yet allow it. Or whichever other reason there might be. Staying disciplined in this is extremely important! My advice: take all the help you can get to achieve your goals and disciplines. It is there to be used!

'Restrict table limit' allows you to set your highest allowed buy-in level. For example if you select $0.02/$0.05 you will be able to play 2NL and 5NL but not higher than 5NL! If for some reason your bankroll drops and you have to play 2NL, you can change the limit to 2NL instantly! HOWEVER, when you are bankrolled for 10NL, it’ll take 24hours before it takes effect. Thus guaranteeing you won’t play out of your bankroll management.

This function works separately for No limit/ Pot limit games and Fixed limit games!

Restrict tournament buy-in limit:

Here you can limit your buy-in amounts. To guarantee you aren’t persuaded to play a tournament last minute you actually shouldn’t. This way you can manually change your buy-in amount to 1% or whichever is yuor desired amount. As before lowering your buy-in will take effect instantly. Requesting higher buy-ins takes 24 hours to change.

For example I use a $ 0.55 buy-in limit. My rule is a maximum of 0.5% of my bankroll. This way I’m sure I won’t gamble with tournaments last minute.

Restrict deposit limit:

If you are an active gambler in moments and you deposit with big regrets afterwards.. I strongly suggest you impose deposit limits on yourself. However I think most people won’t have troubles here. It still is handy to know it’s there to be used.


Every time I am going to drink more than 2 alcohol beverages I exclude myself for 12hours, this insuring I am sober the next time I log in.
I also make active use of the restrictions as it helps me train to never go out my bankroll management and rules!
Even if you might not experience these troubles, what harm can it do to enforce it on yourself? If you want the full length information of ‘Responsible Gaming’ and why pokerstars offers this:

I’d like to end this blog with this quote & thought:
* Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons. – Jim Rohn
* You know on alcoholic beverages they often write: “Drink responsibly”. Well you should approach Poker the same way: “Play responsibly”.