Due to the big success rate of my goals in 2013, I will from this year on make goals for 2014. I will make the full effort of reaching every single goal on this list.

Goals 2014:

- I buy HM2, as soon as I have my credit card. (Januari / Februari)

- I turn $100 in $5000.

- I read 6 poker books.

- I analyse my crucial hands at least for 1 hour every week.

- I beat 25NL by the 1th of september

- I beat 50NL by the 1th of Januari 2015

- I can grind 4 hours on saturday and/or sunday by the 1th of april

- I can grind 6 hours every saturday and/or sunday by the 1th of july

- I can grind 8 hours every saturday and/or sunday by the 1th of october

- I can grind 10 hours every saturday and/or sunday by the 1th of januari 2014

- I play one Sunday million, if not bankrolled or sattelited. I may deposit $215 for it.

Some disciplines/rules I make for myself:

- During a grind I make take breaks of 5min every hour, or when I feel tilt isn't far away.

- I beat a stake when I win 10k hands with 5BB/100 hands

- I am forced to start at 5NL. I unlock 1 higher table when I beat the current stake with 5BB/100hands for every executive 5k hands. (fe. If I beat 5NL with 5BB/100 for 10k hands I may play max 2 tables of 10NL. I may have a maximum of 33% of my bankroll on the tables. So for playing 2tables 10NL I must have at least a bankroll of $60. I am allowed to play as many tables as I want as long as I'm within my bankroll and have unlocked them.

- When I unlocked 'X' amount of tables I may only play as many as I am capable of beating the stake below it. (fe. If I beat 5NL with 5BB/100 for 5K hands multitabling 8 tables, but haven't yet succeeded doing it with 10. Combined with being bankrolled and having unlocked 10tables for 10NL. I then may only play 8 tables of 10NL, until I beat 10 tables 5NL. This is to protect myself from huge drops in my bankroll.)

- I play MTT & SNG's with only 0.5% of my bankroll as buyin.

- I am allowed to top up to $100 whenever needed. (This amount is then added above my $5k challenge.)

- I always use the responsible gaming request to exclude me to play 12. every evening I go out/ have 2 or more drinks. This is to protect myself from my drunk self. (Know your weaknesses and tackle them.) Once I don't have an urge to play poker anymore when I'm drunk I may slowly stop doing this. In the end I want to control myself.

- I restrict myself from buy in limits, where I do not qualify for. This to avoid my mind from convincing myself (which might happen over the course of the year.) This to ensure I stay within my own rules. + Rather safe than sorry.

- FPP may be used for buying items or as bankrollboosts. If I have 13.5k FPP's I may buy a Sunday million ticket 1ce.

- I may add or change rules as I see fit. With a week changetime to ensure that I don't abuse it. (If change occurs its most likely to add rules or make the challenge tougher.)

- If I reach Goldstar, I am allowed to use 0.5 FPP for every VPP into sunday special tournaments.

I'd like to end this by saying:

If your goals don't scare you a little, you probably made them to easy to accomplish.