I would like to thank the entire PSO community staff & members for a lovely 2013 on the site. Although I have been really busy and didn't visit PSO much for about 6 months. The fact remains that no matter how long you were gone or how new you are. Every single person is welcome here. It doesn't matter whether you heard about poker yesterday or perhaps you play the nosebleed tables or merely enjoy freerolls. You are always welcome and welcomed by the community with open hands. Hell I even bet players who don't play poker are welcome to roam and talk around here.

Merely for this fact I love PSO. Taking that into account it is just amazing to see this system in action. Pro's/experienced trainers train all those who want to and make no mistake they WILL answer every poker related question YOU have with cheer pleasure! So don't wait to hop in a few training sessions. But below those pro's and trainers there is another level of players who surpassed the recreational level this year and before. They are all eager to help other players aswell. Look at Sandtrap777 for example. He got Supernova this year and shares his challenges his stories his advice to everyone who wants it. Get out there and learn, everyone here wants to help! (this gratitude also goes on beyond Sand as there are multiple others out there.)

If that isn't all good enough... PSO rewards us over and over again with events and happenings for their members. Take the big bang for example... $ 5.000 shared to those who want. I mean everyone here is capable of getting in that tournament.  Also if you need psychological help there is this wonderful super intelligent coach 'Jared Tendler' willing to help you with your issues on the forum. He also published an article about how to reach Supernova.

And mostly to those wondering every session. "Did I play this hand correctly?" There is a team of hand analysers just waiting for you to post your hand in the forum, where they will personally evaluate your hand and what they think is the best possible line. You might wonder why they do that? Well first off because this is a wonderful community, but also because every hand you analyse yourself you learn about a new hand and improve yourself in case a simular situation pops up. So why wait till you feel worthy to analyse a hand? Go there check other peoples hands and see whether you can start thinking like the professional hand analysers.

Furthermore I want to thank the staff aswell. If you have an issue or a problem. You will have an answer by them in no time. Just imagine how many hours they spend on this site every single week, just to statisfy their members.

But mostly I want to thank the blog section. I really enjoy writing some blogs and receiving all these positive comments. It warms my heart. I therally enjoy writing blogs about topics my brain keeps thinking about. Most of the time it is about psychology and mindset, but very often it is also about my goals or about situations that came up during the games I play. I just enjoy sharing I guess. And I think you enjoy doing that too. So why not try to write what you think on your own blog and if the staff team found it a good read or interesting they will give you a ticket for the next Big bang tournament where you can take a share of the $ 5.000.

All I ask is for you to sit still and appreciate what you have around you. Whether it is about poker or not. Share that feeling of appreciation. Don't you like it when people appreciate you? Well they will certainly appreciate you saying "Thank you".

I'll end this blog with a quote:

“We often take our spouses so much for granted that we never let them know we appreciate it.” – Dale Carnegie

Isn't that a true story? You can replace 'spouses' by pretty much anyone you care about: Parents, brother or syster, your cleaning lady, ... Go out there and thank them for this lovely year.