Today I feel like sharing what changed my life for the better. Hopefully it might promote you to open a lifechanging book this month.

First off I'd like to start by saying that like many others I used to hate reading. I was the kind of student that never reads a book, if I had to read a book for school. Guess again... Internet provided information enough to pass the written tests. More and more I feel that people avoid reading books. But who can blame them? I mean watching a movie is way more fun am I right?

However in the start of this year I watched a seminar on how to improve your life and it recommended me to read two books. "The richest man in Babylon" and "Think and grow rich". Well as lame as the titels may sound to people I decided to read the first book as it is so small. So what did I have to lose? You can literally read it in less than 3 hours.

I was hooked instantly. The information and thoughts explained in these two books has putten me further than 5years or more of studying in college. I feel so much wiser and the info is actually useable in real life while my studies aren't. I then found out that I actually love reading and studying. Obviously I only enjoy reading now if I get wiser from it. The book has to offer me knowledge and tips to win in life. I still can't see myself reading The game of thrones books or any other.

I know there are a lot of book lovers out there as well. I can only promote and salute you guys for doing that. The only request I make is step away from fiction occassionally and allow yourself to grow as a person with a nonfiction educational book. Perhaps you might enjoy reading those books aswell.

Now why did this change my life? Well I became a goal oriented person. I became more disciplined. My communication skills are improving every week, because of the information and tricks I learn and try to apply. I am nearly incapable of getting mad. I can control my mood and smile so well right now. And this isn't even close of what I gained in total from a year of reading and applying.

Now if you watch closely you see that a lot of the benefits I gained from reading those books are even poker related aswell. Discipline, tempercontrol, mindset, reading, improving,... All this will help my poker game aswell and as poker is part of my life I will set myself pokergoals from 2014 on. This year I really focused on myself and willingly put poker aside.

I challenge you to become the best you, you can possibly be. Grow and invest in yourself! I can guarantee you that you will be happier and way more successful in poker, life, love and basicly anything you want.


I'd like to leave you with this quote + thought:

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”

If you win the Sunday million and then lose it all:

=> A standard player won't be able to make it back.

=> A professional and improving player will make that money back in no time. So your brain is more valuable than money in my eyes. With your brain you can basicly print poker money. Your applied knowledge will decide just how much that will be.


PS: If I wouldn't have raed that book, I would still be looking for a job. Because I did read it I have the exact job I WANT. I could only convince them to hire me because of my attitude towards learning and improving. So why wouldn't improve now? It is your future.

PS2: If you are becoming a professional poker, please avoid my poker table Unless you come for a nice chat, then I'm always open.

Best regards,

Sentras- Belgian Poker Player

And don't forget to smile at your screen, it has feelings too you know.