Everyone knows that saying what you  are going to do or how good you'll become is way easier than actually getting there and doing it. In other words following through to your word.

I have been a guy my last 10 years of saying so much of what I will become and how awesome I am. I even gave everyone as much advice or helped them to my best extend even up to this day I find this a very powerful feature of myself. HOWEVER, what gives me the right to give them advice? Because I didn't become wealthy yet, or I am not a poker pro yet,... That is a question that keeps following me.

First of all my advice might be correct or might be wrong or neither in the end we all speak from our own experiences and in what terms we believe is the best solution. Did you ever notice yourself trying to help someone who comes to you with a problem? Or even when you found something new out yourself or came up with an idea. Most people have the tendency to attract and share things they like and admire. They share this to their community, friends, family... For example you read a poker book and the first 2 chapters dazzle you so much and you already imagine and belief: "This is the best book I have ever read." While you didn't even yet finish it. Yet you feel an urge to already share this info with others.

Now to go back on what gives me the RIGHT? Well first of all I have the right to explain my thoughtproces (We live in a free country etc). But then I notice I actually asked myself the wrong question. I should ask myself Why should people listen to me? When you invite others with your idea's, you often notice they aren't interested in it. Say for example you started fitnessing 3 times a week and in a few weeks you really feel like. "Wow this is really really amazing for me, let me try and get more friends to the gym." Sadly enough in most cases they won't join you, even though they know its good for them.

So.. when will they listen? They will if they are your close friends, but might not go to action. The ultimate result you want from your precious advice is action from that person. As Herbert Spencer said: "The great aim of education is not knowledge but action." So when will people take action? When will you take action from my advice I post here? I believe chances are as high as 99% certainty that you won't take action for a significant period from anything I say or have said so far in any of my blogs. Which pops another question "Why do I do this then?".

But let's first finish the first question. You will only listen and take action in most cases when you look for and ask the person, because of his reputation. For example a friend who started out with you in poker or me gives you advice to do X and X and Y and you will be successful. You won't listen or take immidiate action on that advice, because I'm not yet there! I'm on the same level as you or maybe worse. However when I would be playing 200NL profitably, you would come and ask me. Wow Sentras how did you do it? Or you would go and find and read my blogs how I went from 0 to hero. What were my disciplines, what time do I spend on what etc. Its kind of like having a poker hero. For example I admire Vanessa Selbst and Daniel Negreanu. I would then often go look how they achieved their success and mimic their actions, disciplines, thoughtpatterns, ...

Before I say why I do all this writing and sharing like many others I would like to say this. I said that I'm a guy with a lot of words and promises. But that doesn't make me a man. A man in my eyes is a guy who does and takes massive action on what he says he will do or achieve. Just like achieving your goals but then openly sharing it with others. I have become a man for nearly a year now. Some people who read my blogs earlier might have seen my goals for 2013 (not about poker.) I can honestly say I succeeded in 22 goals of the 25 goals so far! And I'm sure I'll achieve at least 1 more. And this is exactly also why I share all this in writing. Writing something down puts it in my subcontious mind and makes me a promise.

I will achieve this! Therefore I have reached over 90% of all my goals for 2013. So why not share with others what you think or want to achieve? It helps yourself a lot! While you write and give advice, you are studying it yourself and programming it in your subconscious mind. So go out there and give advice that you believe is the best way to reach success by action. They might not listen or follow it but you help yourself. And even if only 1/100 or 1/1000 take the action, it is worth it in my eyes. But remember when you reach your goals and achieve your success you'll impact a lot more people. The bliss you feel from helping someone will grow 10fold or 100fold. That my friends is true bliss in my eyes, helping other to achieve.

I'll leave you guys with this:

Henry Ford: "You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do."

So write and share it somewhere and show me and everyone else that you can! Show me you can achieve your poker goals. Write down your poker goals for 2014. I encourage you.


In my next blog I will write my goals for 2014 about poker and prove to all of you but mostly for myself that I can and will achieve at least 80% of them. Because I'm a MAN. (And same counts for a WOMAN, without saying.)

Here is my advice for your last month in 2013, which might catapult your success rate and motivation for 2014. I've said it before and truely believe it works. Hopefully at least 1 of you will do it.

"Whenever you lose a pot or win a pot. Smile at your screen! SMILE and mean it!" Why? Simple: first you'll fake it, then you'll make it. We have troubles controlling our emotions in heat moments which you will know when losing a big pot or winning a crucial pot. But we can CONTROL our motions such as smiling, which influence our emotions. So if you force a motion like smiling in those spots you'll start to be happy in those spots. It will show great ettiquette in your professional lives, and avoid making direct irrational mistakes. Such as tilting, insulting,...

SMILE at your screen! The smile can represent by having played the hand well. Or maybe you know you played the hand well. Smile because you know next time you'll play this situation better. There are hundreds of reasons to smile and yet most choose not to. Control your motions to control your emotions!

Best regards,