Did you ever want to play the Hyper-turbo games? But they are too expensive for yuor bankroll?

The SNG games are a minimum of $1.50, which is raelly high concidering you need at least 100BI and normally even more. So learning this hyper-turbo poker game is really hard, as you need to risk a lot of money for your learning curve.

Online the information is also limited on Hyper-turbo strategies. So how can you start to play this with risking the minimal amount of money AND also get a lot of knowledge?


Hyper Turbo Sattelites! It's the dream time to start training this with the MicroMillions around the corner! So many cheap FPP and $ sattelites!

You can start playing sattelites from 70FPP (which is the equivalent of around $1) Or you can search for $ sattelites which start from only $0.35. Not to forget the rake in these sattelites is way less compared to the normal SNG's. Hurry up and go play them!!!

The advantage of $0.35 is that it is full of people also learning or trying to qualify for the micromillions. So you actually might play break even while being a big loser in the $1.50. Combined with only having a bankroll of about $20, you'll get to play over 250 games at least!

You fall in love with the game as 1 game only lasts around 10minutes and you only have to shove or fold. But playing hyper-turbo's is really a game of smallllllll edges. So if you fall in love, be prepared to put in the study hours.

What is important? ICM!

Also what is handy is you can learn the game step by step by observing regulars. For example when Jorj95 is online. Open his games and whatch his shoev and call ranges!!!

Take notes, as you'll see A LOT of hands! As been said before its basicly shove, call and fold.

Have fun at the tables!


PS: for the people having trouble with downswings and raging when bad beats. This might be an excellent way to train on improving your mindset! You'll get sick bad beats 1 after the other!