Razz in my eyes in an underrated pokervariant. It has so much to offer and I've been recreationally playing it for two years. I used to always lose my money on it, but I had a tremendous time losing it.

What makes razz so special? Well for starters as you might know, you have to get the worst possible hand of lowcards. "A" is here the lowest and straights and flushes don't count. So A2345 is the best possible worst hand (see what I did there:p)

Razz always has some tables running on pokerstars, but only a few. This is mainly because the game on itself is unknown and isn't hyped. But also people really get frustrated playing it. You might have the best possible starting hand, it still is far from a guarantee to win.

Because it is a limit game, you can't get it in at once and forces you to have more strategies and approaches. It helps you greatly in evaluating your postflop game and reading abilities.


Why do I like razz? It gives me great training for my NLHE game. Let me clarify.

- You need to train your nerves against all the bad cards coming. So it is a great way to train your frustration level.

- You are forced to pay attention to the table. Everyone shows 1 card, thereby you can count somewhat more accurately how many outs you have. Its like having an open ender in NLHE you know you'll have 8outs to win. And in this game the math applies aswell. Only most opponants don't bother watching the others showing card, which gives you an edge.

- You are forced to reëvaluate your hand strength on every street. Go over all his ranges of what his best hand could be. Imagine if you do this in every NLHE ringgame. Your game will improve significantly.

- Even though you only have fixed bet options, you can even here find many patterns as tells. The quickness of betting, limp vs raise. I'm even amazed on how many notes I get on the players, accumulating me money over time.

- Last and not least, it's very hard to bluff here and it rarely works. There are many many many calling stations, whether it being 9high calling or being it chasing for that 1-2cards on the last 2 streets.

- A bonus is that because this game can be frustrating, even the regulars there, tilt enormously and spazz off chips in future pots. It is very very very easy to lose chips in razz, so it's easy to take them from tilters.

I'm sure I missed some points and hereby I try to promote razz a little for you guys. Go and check out the microstakes tables over there.

If you are curious about the game, there are two great instructional videos by "Katja Thater", you should definately check them out. Don't invest to much of your bankroll trying this game out. But surely try to train on some of the important points, which can help you in NLHE.

And who knows, maybe you'll become the next razz skilled grinder there. I'm sure there is a lot of profitable tables there.

Katja Thater's videos:

$0.50 /$1

$0.25 / $0.50


And remember, keep on smiling at your screen!