So my challenge was to add 50% to my $100, however at the moment I am at $116. My bankroll has been rollercoastering like madness. I actually reached the $150, but then decided to learn a little more about the hyper-turbo's.

Big mistake! Why? Well first of all I know nothing about ICM and shoving. I might be a positive player in MTT, but the fiels are weak there. In hyper-turbo's you really need to have a solid shoving game. As my knowledge of this is super limited, it probably was a big mistake. I plan on tackling ICM and shovingranges later on in books and forums. However I feel I have quite some experience in ring games, that I should continue that path as my main objective.

My $150 challenge will just keep going untill I have achieved it again. In fact I'm more focused and more thrilled on getting there than ever before. I'm currently forcing my brain to think about poker all day. For example when I'm falling asleep I force my brain to think about poker.

For example yesterday I focused my brain. " I am a poker pro." What do I have to do to get better? What are all the options? I'm constantly trying to innovate and improvise more. It makes me a lot a lot more confident. I'll become a poker pro. Maybe not in the public sense, but big enough to make money from it. I have my goals, which I'll reach and step by step I'll share them with you.


Now about my game. I've been generally playing either 15-19 tables of NL ring games. Or 4 tabling the zoom 5NL. It might not be the smartest thing to do as I'm not having a HUD. But I'm certainly forcing my brains to stay insanely sharp. I'm constantly forcing my brain to remember what I opened, why I did a move. It forces me to remember on the game and every hand I play instead of focusing on my bankroll screen or auto-piloting.

I do notice some difference in ring and zoom. For example I get way more action in ring games, as there people can't fold and got o the next hand. I always thought i get 3B more in zoom. But that seems to be rather even. You just have a little less 3B maniacs.

Adjustments to my game:

I notice in zoom especially, people start calling my 2. raises on the button way mroe often with all kinds of ranges. For the BB it's like Oh only 7cents to call, especially if the SB calls. So i experimented going back towards the oldstyle 3x raise on the BTN. Well they fold significantly more.

This style also compliments with my other changes. Instead of 52% CBetting, which I still use but rarely. More around the turn or river, or when I sense my opponant is weak and I try to steal it. For the rest I bet 65% or 80%. With my tighter approach than before, this helps build the pots and there are still a lot of people calling down 3 streets with top pair, somethimes even 2nd pair.

So the style PSO is teaching playing tight aggressive really still compliments beating the micro stakes. I ofcourse use a few more twists but the concept is there.

A 65% bet could be a CB or a valuebet where I sense I might get thinner value.

A 80% bet is somethimes a bluff or a valuebet (also on drawheavy boards.) I prefer 80% betting in position, makes you really control the pot.

A nother change in normal cashgames in which I'm still experimenting, is lighter speculative 3B's on the BTN or SB against UTG and UTG+1. 3B'ing in the SB there really c omes over extremely strong.

A last change is playing draws more aggressively IP. I reraise a gutshot+ overcard, flushdraws, open enders very often 3.5x his bet. or his bet + pot bet depending on his sizing. They lay it down enough to make it profitable. But as it are still rather small samples, it's really hard to tell. It feels right though.

However I'm never getting it in on the flop unless I'm significantly ahead on his range.


Well all I'm gonna keep doing is letting the donkies and callingstations keep calling my 80% bets and oversized bets on the river. Probably makes me the most money.


Oh and floppnig top sets. Either check and trap, which I still figure kind off sucks as you can't control the pot. I just go out there and 80% bet it 2ce and depending on how strong he is I even make it look bluffy by overbetting from time to time.

I can only say don't slow down to get small value from top sets. They'll fold if they got nothing anyways and if they have something they might just call you down.

I've seen some crazy plays by my opponants, and that includes many bad beats. But thats poker.

All I remember doing is smiling. Hell I even force myself to smile happely after every beat or bad beat. If it's a big bad beat I even give them the knock on the table saying nice hand sir. Smile Smile Smile and don't ever forget to smile.