I'm trying to turn $100 into $150, without using a HUD. Why don't I use a hud? Well I don't have a credit card, so I'm incapable of buying it at the moment without involving others.

However It's not necessary to use a HUD to win in poker. This is proven by Sandtrap. If you don't know who he is... I advice you to check him out in the challenge tread. He is a great inspiration to many of us. As he has grown from micro stakes into the mid stakes posting weekly updates.

So my road started 9days ago with $100 deposit. I didn't play a lot of poker the last 4 months. I'd say maximum 3k hands. So I was a bith rusty on getting back in the zoom 5NL. I did study a lot of poker. After putting in a ot of hands and trying many strategies I've lost 50% of that bankroll. I was in 3 days actiev playing down to below $54.

Some would get tilted and tilt off the rest. Maybe by playing higher or gambling more when they shouldn't. However I kept my cool and after these three days I knew exactly how I like to play again and had feel for the field.

I was super motivated to still reach the $150 and so the 4th day I grinded some more and got it around $65. With dollars I can multitable 12 tables in regular and qualify for the 100Billion road. It didn't take long to adapt to the aggressive madness going on there. It's actually rather ABC poker there. Really tight and aggressive. :p They pay you off so easely. I play every pocketpair no matter the position and play the AA KK QQ strong.

At day 7 I had my lockdown! Although I studied alot aswell in these hours, I managed to grind my bankroll up to around $100. Back break even My bankroll was pretty swingy, but it has a clear tendensy to go upwards! Today I'm proud to say I reached $115.

So technically I doubled my bankroll already in just 6days or so! Now I'm off for a small vacation, but I will be back thursday. Hopefully I can still catch the 100billionth hand although I doubt it.

I'm curious on how the field will change when I'm back. I might need to adapt my game again and play a little looser.

Here is the list for my future goals and limits:

$100 -> $150 | 5NL

$150 -> $225 | 5NL

$225 -> $325 | 5NL and 10NL

$325 -> $500 | 10NL

$500 -> $750 | 10NL and 25NL

$750 -> $1100 | 25NL

$1100 -> $1750 | 25NL and 50 NL


I might change the stakes I'm playing depending on the variance. I figure I'll need a bigger amount of buyins from 10NL and 25NL on.

Would be awesome if I can reach each goal, each month. Although that will still be decided. Depending on my time and my skills. Perhaps I'll need a lot more time to beat 10NL or 25NL.

Future will tell. All I can do is prepare myself by studying the game and playing it with my A-game!