As I said I didn't really know whether I would update often in my blog however I have a few findings to share. However don't take my word for it. Perhaps analyze it yourself or try it at the tables.

I've been grinding over 10k hands the last three days and it was just amazing. I wanted to do many hands in a short period to get back in the feel of it and to try out many different strategy approaches.

These are the styles I tried (at least 1k hands+): (Keep in mind I will only judge on feel as results based this is insane. Too much variance is a part. I'll end the section with the findings.)

- Tight aggressive (The style recommended for starting players to beat the micro.)

- Tight aggressive, very loose BTN, semi loose CO.

- 3 bet maniac: 3betting blockers in BB and button, aswell as low suited connectors & premiums.

- Postflop checkraise maniac.

- Playing a tremendous amount of hands in position. suited connector all pocket pairs.


These are somewhat the styles I experimented with. Sadly to say, this definately didn't improve my chances to finish my challenge early. In fact I've significantly lost buyins, but that won't stop me from reaching it. I'm more driven then ever before. Now what I noticed when playing.

My findings:

1) Premium pocket pairs: AA and KK

This is a thought and curious what you guys think of it. I find that 4betting AA and KK isn't profitable. As you rarely ever get action from JJ QQ AK or worse.

Thereby I'm concidering stopping to 4bet AA, and let the 3better hang himself. We will run in bad beats from time to time, but that makes up for at least the 1 Cbet or 2 Cbets of them. They'll stack off if they have an overpair to the board or have top pair.

While when you 4bet you will only get his chips when he has KK. and as only one in 8 flops will have an A, you should still stack him alot. (Notice you'd bust all your chips anyways if a K comes. and there's still the chance he has AK.)

With KK I don't mind 4betting as you will have much more ugly flops. Also against a 50BB stack I prefer just calling as they seem to have a lighter 3B range and they nearly always hang themselves when you have AA.

What do you think of this idea? Would you rather always 4bet? Feel free to share your statistics from tools or your findings.


2) Check raising strategy.

It was a really fun 1k+ hands. I notice they fold a lot in zoom as the thinking players see it as Sets more often than not. Not to mention that nearly all of them recently Cbet. So they fold out all air aswell.

I'm rather confident with practice and not overusing this checkraise and good sizing. You can turn this strategy in a profitable way. However you will need tools and statistics + reviewing to back this up.

There are still many players there using the check raise semibluff or bluff. They often minraise which puts you from time to time in annoying spots, because many people with the nuts do the same.

I find that calling with top pair or overpair works and they nearly always give up on the turn if they were bluffing.


3) three betting like a maniac.

Being the action junky is really fun, but spewy if not mastered. I for one don't have this strategy mastered. But there is certainly a way to make this work if you train enough. Do some research and then train some more. However I don't really advice this to do.

This strategy is with high variance and observative players will find this out and take advantage from it without you knowing. Ofcourse there is an argument to 'who is observative in 5NL zoom.'

If I learned one thing about poker is, is not to underestimate your opponant. Yes many are fish, but there is the nasty habit in nearly everyones pokermind that makes you think you are way better then all your opponants. Often making you play bad, because you think the opponant is.

How many chips didn't you spew this way? Or are you that disciplined? I sure did lose a lot of chips playing as the maniac. Although nearly all my losses came from spewing the chips postflop and not the 3betting preflop. Might be worth looking into, to fnid what spots you turn to bluff or overvalue a hand.


4) My two biggest leaks in the 10k+ hands.

This is sadly my biggest leak, although I'm super glad I know what it is. And I'm constantly working on fixing it.

The biggest leak is floating in bad spots and calling off chips. I overvalue my hands from time to time. Top pair very very often doesn't cut it on the river for example. It's just spewing chips.

I often didnt' believe the story my opponants were telling. Would he really been playing that gutshot? Would he really have flopped that boat trips and so on. And hero calling with top pair top kicker is costing myself a fortune. Buyins have been leaking like crazy.

But the positive side is, the opponants hero call aswell So I started marking 'calling stations' purple.  Whenever they call light on flop turn river they achieve my purple coloured note toigether with a specific description. The next time I have speculative hands or high potential hands I play it isolated with them. I'm prepared to make a 3-4$ shove in a 2$ pot on the river. Just because they call or hero call. (Just like I made those mistakes aswell.)


My second biggest leak is: bluffing in the wrong spot. I shouldn't even bluff at all unless you have a read on the player. But more specificly I somethimes pull really good moves, but I forget to watch the other persons stack. Giving my move 0 fold equity to the amount he has left.

And I often realize it just when I pulled the move and that is frustrating as that is literally spewing chips. It's like saying hey I'm a fish here take my chips, I'm just handing it over.


However after all this I keep my head high, keep smiling and take small breaks of 5-10min every hour. Currently I'm not really studying the books as I'm grinding but I'll schedule at least to read and understand 2 books of poker this month aswell.

I recently watched a reality show of poker and they used the concept 'lockdown'. This sunday is my firt complete free day. And I'm planning in a 'Lockdown'.

A lockdown is that you force yourself to play and study poker for 24 hours straight. With small breaks for food and stuff.

Because many will have to work or study the next day I suggest a Semi Lockdown of 14 hours. This is also less tiresome, as that decreases the quality. Also the more hands you put in the lower variance plays a role. Who would be interested to join me and everyone else in a grinding session from the morning till the late evening (Central European Time).

Why would we do this?

This will be a motivating environment, where we can chat to eachother and share certain spots instantly with eachother. Potentials to communicate through calls and so on.

If you are interested mail me your skype name where I will add you and add you to the grindgroup.

Another bonus is that the 100billion dollar hands will be running. You'll make more chance in being at that table!


Start Lockdown: 10:00 CET    till   24:00 CET.