Here I am again. Today I decided that poker is coming back in my schedule. I'll still be working and studying hard, although I'm going to take around 5hours a week or more to play at the tables.

You might remember in my pokerblogbook the principle of 'how to cope with money'. I decided to take $100 out of my active capital to invest it in poker. My goal for the upcoming 30days or this month, is to turn a 50% profit in my investment. This might not seem much for you guys.

You need to know if you invest in stocks for example a 50% increase takes years, so I see this challenge as hard and I will never stop until I reach this goal. Failure is not an option.

I'll be studying poker books, reviewing hands, reading articles on forums even more time on that than at the poker table. Even if I don't raech my goal within the month, I'll do my very best to reach it asap.

After this goal is raeched, I'll set a new goal and so on.

Some might think well it's never good to make a goal about money on small period. As that may be true, I do have my other goals aswell on reading books and studying. I just enjoy the challenge.

Hopefully you might join me in this challenge or maybe you can make a challenge yourself. There is an awesome section in the forums where you can post your goals and challenges where the community will be following you and helping/supporting you.

Don't forget if you deposit this month over $50 with the bonus code‘ULTIMATE’ you get a free ticket to the 1 million ultimate freeroll! Free money is always handy!! You are nearly guaranteed to get $ 5.5 !! That is huge. So don't hesitate and join me

PS: I will probably update my process this month in comments under this blog. Unless I have something bigger to share.

See you at the tables!