For the past months my focus had been on improving myself and working towards realizing my goals and principles (which also includes my pokerblogbook which finished not too long ago). Today however I had a slacking day and decided to take the afternoon off to play some poker, play with my dog and have some social time with the family.

Pokerwise my mind was all set, with the books I'm currently studying and the pokerblogbook. I could just start playing clearly and fearlessly to the best of my capabilities. The only thing not going well for me is what amount of $'s I left on my account a few months back. That is a staggering full awesome overloaded account of $ 2.80. So basicly I hopped in a zoom game and started playing my A game, with everything I learned in the front of my head.

Once I got $4, I opened a second table. $6 another $8 another. In no time I got to $8, because well yea they bluffed me and I played raelly solidely and didn't bluff off chips nor got myself in tough spots. Here is my gameplan for 2NL I used today.

Avoid playing OOP against EP raises with marginal hands. Take 3 barrels from an opponant as the 'nuts' or a bluff. So never call down 3 bets when you have top pair and a mediocre kicker. (It's easely abusable, but as its zoom and microstakes they don't really care to notice.) Fold to 3B's all except JJ+ and AQs+ AKo+. Very tight, but then again there are only a few 3B maniacs out there.(In BTN my range of calling 3B widens.) And i rather lose little than lose potentially big by domination. Certainly with low amount of Buyins.

Then also I try to 'steal' the buttonsteals with a 3B with speculative hands, as they fold rather often. I feel its profitable as long as you don't do it too often. Then finally I Cbet nearly 90%+ but only 3BB Cbets, that is always less than 50% of the pot excluding SB vs BB. Because they fold as often to -50%bet than to a 60-70% CBet. At least it feels that way, as they fold alot! If I decide to second barrel i make 70 or higher bet.

In my perception in these microstakes that looks fairly strong and as result I manage succeed to pull off good 2nd barrels. However I never 3barrel bluff, as in the past these were big losses in microstakes for me.

This was my gameplan of today or how I approached it and it did wonders for me. Maybe it was just an upswing maybe it was luck. I don't know, I do know my coinflips and cold deck spots evened out when I saw the hands. So basicly the results feel more accurate and not because of all in preflop luck. But catching bluffs from opponants, picking up many small pots and playing fairly well postflop.

If you are interested I now ended my day with $27.60, thus proving I had an upswing today. But I know one thing, it feeeels GOOOOOD.

I disobeyed my bankroll rules as I'm just playing to lpay my A game and experiment a little. From $15 on I played 5NL. If I dropped under 10$ I play 2NL again and so on. However my jump with this bankroll to 10NL will only come with a bigger bankroll, as the aggression bumps up a knodge there forcing me to play bigger pots with less of good hands.

Have a nice day at your poker tables! I'll probably won't be playing poker for a while again. perhaps I'll plan in 3-4hours a week, I want to work harder on studying poker and my other subject combined with work than playing.