Chapter 8: Finding a poker mentor.
Getting yourself a mentor in an area you want to realize, could really get you the edge you need. You could have all kinds of mentors. You could say your teachers in university are your mentors, or maybe your coaches in football & poker. This may be true, in this chapter we’ll take ‘mentor’ in term as a non-personal coach.

Let me try to explain what I mean. In every area in life you want to improve yourself and where you have big desires, you have idols. Basically you are a fan of someone. For example football players here might be a fan of Messi. Poker players might be a fan of Daniel Negreaunu or someone else. These idols of ours are persons we greatly admire and have big respect for.

But if you look closely you’ll see that those idols are at a place we would mostly want to go. They are at a spot in the ladder that we want to achieve. The natural thing is to follow them through the media, through their games and so on. We are even cheering for them to do good as we feel in some way as a team.

Now all you then have to do is, start seeing that person as your mentor. Do your research around him or her. Make sure you know what he did to get somewhere. What he does to stay there. What rituals he has? How does his day look like?

Try to copy and meet or even exceed his standards on everything that relays to the subject. Do what he does. Think like he thinks. The more you will live up to him the closer you will get towards him, until maybe someday you can exceed him.

You might also have various mentors on one subject and try to mix the best features of all of them together. Making you…
unstoppable to achieve your desire and goal.

Let me give you an example. Most of you here know Acoimbra and his 100k challenge. This is exactly the sort of mentor you could take. He is a professional online poker player and shows you the exact way how to achieve your goals starting from scratch. If you do as he does, you are destined to get where he is going. It might not be as fast or as good, after all we are all different. But you will get there!

Challenge12: Find yourself a mentor. Do your research around him or her. Start copying what he does, how he does it and start reaching the success you desire.