Here is my template on how to make your own goals list and disciplines list. I also added ebove this list: Quotes which have impact on me, My life's motto's and at least 5 things I'm proud off. This makes me happy and eager to read on and fulfill every single goal in the middle.

Todays date: (so you know it later)

Rule 1: Read this every morning and evening.
Rule 2: Plan on what you are going to work & focus!

“Make the kind of goals that make something of you to achieve them.” – Jim Rohn
“Act more like a kid, after falling down they’ll stand up and try again and again.” – Tony Robbins
“Don't just stare at the problem, but stare and go in the direction you want to go” – Sentras
“A part of all I earn is mine to keep, let it be not less than one-tenth and lay it by.” – George S. Clason in The Richest man in Babylon

* Don’t worry, alles komt altijd goed (if you want it to be).
* Raise your standards.
* Keep on smiling.
* Turn all your shoulds into musts.
* It takes a few small disciplines to attain a big one.

Five things of what I am proud so far:
1) Good friends that got my back no matter what.
2) Ik heb de beste vriendin.
3) Ik help mijn kennissen en vrienden tot mijn beste vermogen.
4) Ik heb een mousepad gewonnen door het gamen.
5) Ik omhels verandering om mijzelf te verbetering.

My Goals: (Celebrate for every goal achieved and change them) Make the left as boxes, so that you can check off every goal you realized! It gives you great satisfaction.
> I Supprise my mother for her birthday. 17 mei 2013
> I read 500 words per minute by 1 juni 2013
> I have a new and bigger diary (the book in which I take notes of important things.) by 1 juni 2013
> I wake up as planned from the first alarm for a full month by 1 juli 2013
> I go eat with S. in a restaurant by 1 juli 2013
> My first diary is full by 1 juli 2013
> I stay concentrated on the things I put my attention 1 juli 2013
> I walk with a straight back by 1 juli 2013
> I stop with "Guessing instead of thinking" by 1 juli 2013
> I master my state at all times! 1 juli 2013
> I write my pokerblog by 1 september 2013
> I write beautifull and fast every single time by 1 september 2013
> I avoid dodging problems, but  learn from them 1 september 2013
> I have 5.000 euro in my capital by 1 januari 2014
> I read, understand and take notes of at least 50 studybooks by 1 januari 2014
> I visit E. in Germany before 1 januari 2014
> I read 10 pokerbooks by 1 januari 2014
> I study at least 4 financial books about saving and investing by 1 januari 2014
> I don't squeeze my eyes to view better. 1 januari 2014
> I liste, understand and take notes during at least 50 seminares by 1 januari 2014
> I surprise K. on fun way during an evening by 1 januari 2014
> I drink at least 30 different beers by 1 januari 2014
> I visit Bruge with K. by 1 januari 2014
> I write down every frustration and turn it into a fascination. 1 januari 2014
> I share one quoate every week which has influence on me 1 januari 2014

I draw small lines of each amount. for example I already drank 9 different beers so it looks like ||||| ||||. Good luck with your goals!

My musts / standards / disciplines:
v) I spare a minimum of 30% of all the money I earn and put it aside.
v) I eat 1 piece of fruit every day.
v) I read one hour before I start a working day. (Golden Hour.)
v) I will never procrastinate, but move into action immidiately.
v) I master my state at all times!
v) Every day is planned before it starts. (Daily goal setting.)
v) I wake up every morning as planned on the day/week before.
v) I shave myself every morning.
v) I keep or earn the respect of my family and friends.
v) All future goals I add to the list with a date.
v) Every day I have a Focus Of The Day (FOTD) in my planning.
v) I share all my knowladge with everybody who is open to it.
v) Every cliënt is a potential million euro cliënt.
v) Every college is the most interesting person in the world.
v) I cooperate as good as possible with everybody.
v) I revise every day what I've done good and what I will do differently next time.
v) Every month I revise what I have done good and what I would do differently in the future according to all the knowledge in my diary.
v) After every 'moment' (This could be a conversation with your boss or anything of importance) I analyse what I did right and what I would do differently next time.
v) After finishing a book I drink a glass of Whiskey.
v) I greet everybody I know and everyone who makes eyecontact with me.
v) I go through my diary on dead moments during my day.
v) When I don't need to use my brains, I listen to seminares.
v) I have no fear of the basic fears and all those which work in my disadvantage.
v) I take full responsibility and avoid excuses.
v) I don’t guess, I’ll think instead!
v) I actively give recognition to other people. (honest and righteous appreciation)
v) I am a giver, not a receiver.
v) I put emotion in everything I do.
v) Every morning I put my bedcover good.
v) I always ask myself: How can I meet what the other person wants. What does he/she want?
v) I don’t criticize, condemn or complain.

Hopefully you found inspiration and you can put this to good use for yourself. This little document has helped me alot! I am sure it can help you aswell.

Optional challenge: Why don't you send me your goals list and disciplines list?