How do I become a great or the best poker player?

This is the main question and probably the first question we all asked ourselves when we started taking poker serieusly. This could have been in a homegame with friends, a documentary, online on the felt, but surely we all have asked ourselves this question.

Only a few persons actually grasp and I mean really 'grasp' the answer to this question. I long thought I grasped it. I've been playing nearly 3 years of poker competitively, however I never had the succes I wanted. Not even close! And when this happens the competitiveness and the persistence will slowly fade away. BUT you don't stop poker, because once you start you never stop! However you might still be playing poker and thinking you are doing your best deep inside you know you've already stopped with trying to figure out your first and main question.

"What makes me become a great poker player like...?"

Three years later up till today I finally started figuring it out. And I'll get to that in a second. First I have to bring to your attention that I did everything I thought was needed to get there. I've read some books, watched nearly every single free video online. I made calculations myself how to gain more profit in simular situations. Up to this point I always was convinced I am better than 95% of the players in the microstakes, I don't need to really study much more. I can beat these stakes with my knowledge. Surely I could proof to myself I could beat the stakes 2NL 5NL 10NL. But it was only a matter of time untill I failed again, again and again. There was always something, downswing it happens, unlucky. While this may be true or not. In the end I didn't take the correct steps. In the upcomming text I'm going to try and explain it to you, without telling exactly what it is. How I learned to grasp 'it', was by figuring it out myself. Only then you will grasp it. So I sencerly hope you will grasp it, but you will only do when you are READY for it.

You will never become a great poker player if you don't have the right philosophy. Not just a philosophy about poker, but also the right philosophy about everything else in life. Do you still remember the day you asked yourself that oh so important question? I want you to try and revisit that moment... Think a while before you read on.

Now do you remember how well thrived you were to achieve that goal? What you were willing to do to achieve that goal? It should be somewhere around. 'Whatever it takes, I will do'. Now I want you to think again to the simple question. Did you? Well... did you?!  Think again for a while to really think back on all the efforts you did and did not.

I'm sure you have already thought about the reasons to tell yourself why you didn't do it. I didn't have the time. I was on vacation. I couldn't because... Let me give you an advice I recently learned and fully embrace as off that moment. It changed my whole philosphy. To get there you have to be willing to change! If you don't change nothing will change.

Now lets go back to your thoughtproces. Did you plan everything else first and then decide the time that is left I will use to improve my knowledge and philosophy around poker? With that attitude you won't get anywhere. Plan what you want to achieve first and then spend what is left of your time. If you truely want to achieve the main question you now might know what to do if you are ready for it.

I would end my blog as I mostly would with Good luck on the tables or something like that. But you will understand why I won't ever say that again! If you change, you won't need it.