I've been posting a lot of blogs in the past to share my experiences with poker and how I think people can improve their game. Although I truely believe this might some help, I must say keep everything what I say under concideration and don't take it as accurate. I rather have you think about everything and try and make a correct assesment for yourself.

I say this because even though I am trying to help people I continuesly drop my bankroll down.  Are it downswings? Is it just bad play?... Well I know for sure that I'm more skilled than the players I play against. I can blame it on variance, however I think at some points I did spew a few buyins away.

So I found my bankroll drop to 8$ again. Now anyone might think 8$ well thats not too much. How can you get yourself out of the hole? There are a few ways to get back on track:

- All the FPP's you gathered over time, can be changed into money. I play the 6man Sunday storm sattelite for 235FPP. You are expected to at least win 1/3 if you know basic shove methods. That would suggest you get $11T money for every 700FPP! (At least if you unregister:p) In the store you have to pay 1300FPP for €10. So clearly don't do it that way!

- If you don't have the luxery of having a few 1000FPP's. You still have the chromestar freeroll and the silverstar 30k freeroll every saterday! It's possible to get deep! I finished 10th place in the chromestar freeroll last night! Not to forget the new explosive 5k freeroll for PSO members that acquire a ticket! As for me I'll be playing those aswell if PSO deems my efforts on the site worthy enough.

- Even if all that isn't to your disposal, here is how I would easely grind out of the hole. 8$ lets you buy in to 32   0.25$ SNG MTT's. Which any pokerplayer with the basic knowledge can beat easely. The fields are so weak, however it will take many hours. But you'll also improve your game on MTT's! even if you are a cashgame player.

Once I got my bankroll up over 14$ I stop the MTT's. You can play those on easely if you that pleases you. However I can really advice people to play the 9-max regular 2NL tables. They are incredible soft and tight. I even literally could open 100% of the button which was still incredible profitable. And they can't fold top pairs etc.  So all you have to do is steal lightly on the button combined with playing cheap speculative hands and PP's. against early openings (which mostly is a strong range of your opponant) if you flop big you'll get payed off. Also an important note is. They play really honost poker in general there. They tend to check if they missed, and if they invested alot of chips they can't fold anymore. Optimal for our play.

Pick up a lot of small pots uncontested and pick up big pots with your strong premium hands.

You could grind these tables as long as you want untill you feel you can go back from where you left. Which might be zoom or not. Maybe you even find new tables for yourself and enjoy the 9max a lot.

I personally transitioned to the 6-max regular 2NL when my bankroll hit $21. However the following I don't really advice to those not having the experience. I started of 4tabling the 6-max get a feel on how they went compared the 9-max. And quickly started adding up tables. I even lowered my buyin amoun to 75BB instead of 100BB for sake of opening more tables. I feel ABC poker beats those tables quite profitably and I can make the 'correct' decision within a second. This allowed my to play up to 20tables as of now. The downside is... you don't see how people play and can't establish reads on a certain player! You dont' really have the time once you fire up alot of tables. There are also some upsides to this. Which I'll explain in a later blog.

Good luck at the tables. And remember it does not matter how small your bankroll got! You can always work it back up!

A living proof of this is Andre Coimbra who recently started a year challenge to turn $100 in to $100k ! He hasn't even yet played a month and his bankroll atm is around $3000.

Make sure to check him out if you want some information about it or be a little more motivated!