Some of you might know or some don't. But HM2 (or poker tracker 4) is really a must have. I'm not only talking about the HUD, but alot more.

However I'm only using it for 4 days now, I can still say. I would start without a HUD, to get my focus on. The thinking and not randomly following stats you don't comprehend.

Now as 2013 started I have big plans for myself and want to become a very great player online. I do this following step by step in the path I think is needed to succeed. Now since 2013 I added 2 extra steps. A while back I was searching for a pokerbuddy, and with great pride I can tell you: I found my pokerbuddy. Allow me to explain all the reasoning in 3parts below.



Everyone can always need help, no matter how good you are at a certain aspect being it poker or anything else. Look at the top sports. Every professional still has a coach perfecting certain aspects. A scientist is now the man due to previous help. I think thats just how we humans are, we thrive to survive and go for the things that are very valuable to us. In that proces we require education, assistance, encouragement,... by all other and mainly by people we care about.

In poker however you will find most adults or real life people not that supportive for poker. My parents for one won't approve me playing poker for real money. Hell thats what society thinks as it is labeled as a gambling game. And as all parents are well educated, they don't want their children (the people they care about) to fall in a gambling environment.

So how do we approach this then? Well for instance people have close friends maybe that will help, maybe they brought you to this game? The game you now love and want to grow in. But maybe they aren't as keen in improving as you are? Maybe they just want to play a homegame now and then and have fun. My friends for example crack jokes all the time about how I know my odds to win. They just play their hand.

So the natural step for those people like me is to find help online. Your teacher, your help, your inspiration, encouragement,... it's all here! Some fine it in pokervideos made by Others find it in a great community like PSO where people chat, have training videos and helps eachother. Most will even roam the internet for free education videos just so they become better. All I can say is. Keep going! You're on the right track! But keep in mind and this I mean with whole my heart. You search information and ask help from others. The least you can repay anybody even a random forum poster. Answer him with respect and care to your best ability to help that person. Else you are not worthy to stick around in my humble opinion. Because thats how a great community survives and grows. Poker is a community but a real big one. You afterall got dragged in by someone or videos etc. the least you can do is try and do the same. The more poker players we gain, the bigger the game will become which we love.

I geuss that covered the sentimental value for this post hehe. Now my final step came after 2 years of obtaining knowledge and giving knowledge. I was searching for 1 player, 1 friend a pokerbuddy you can say. My goal by having this player is to improve eachothers game and grow steadely higher and higher. We can evaluate eachothers play, find leaks you can't immidiatly see in your own play. Have daily instant contact and help. Discus theories, share good links iwth important stuff. The information and help is countless and endless. And it is proving to be raelly worth my while. Thank you pokerbuddy, I really appreciate you sticking around with me on my adventure.

If you would like to do this aswell here is an important requirement the player needs:

He needs to be as driven as you, nearly at the same skill level, the same dedication as you and mostly and hardestly he has to be trustworthy. Because in poker there are no contracts there is only your word. And when you break it once, you will never regain it.

I can honostly say, I will never ever break my word in poker as its more valuable to me than anything else. Because if I don't hold my word, why should others?



So a HUD was the next thing i wanted for 2013. HUD is a headsup display that shows you the statistics you want from the players at your table. It'll keep track of all hands you played with him. How often he plays a hand, how over he 3bets. How often he continuation bets etc pretty much anything you want to know about the guy you can show on your table while you are playing. You might say it's an unfair advantage? Well yes, but take it from me and others you don't need a HUD to win the microstakes. It helps but its not a requirement to beat the games.

You can find huds for free, or do a free month trial from PT4 / HM2. Either way when you got the basics sorted out you can use the statistics for that month which will gain you the net profit to buy the software. So everyone can get it making it fair to have it. It's even necesary if you multitable and get higher up in stakes.

For what do I use a HUD? Well it gives me the chance to spot the weaknesses in the fish and in the regulars. All you need are enough hands and the notes. I won't really go deep into this subject I'll just add my HUD statistics I show.

- playername / hands

- VPIP / PFR / 3bet% / Fold to 3bet%

- Cbet / Fold to Cbet / Check raise % / Aggression % postflop

- Fold to steal % / Resteal (3bet my steal) / Squeeze % / 4bet %

As far as my knowledge goes in poker, with these stats I can see more than enough to find basic leaks in other players their play. As well as adjust my stats towards being more solid

The higher I'll go in stakes the more information i'll add about preflop aggression. In microstakes they just don't  3-4-5bet like mad. And if you occasionally spot one. A note is all you need.


HM2 the software:

As stated before PT4 is also good enough for this. I'm only getting familiar with HM2 atm. So why do you need this.

It saves all your hands you are playing, making you capable to visually review every single hand you played, together with all stats required. All the stats you can dream off! Say you have trouble against a player who keeps getting the better of you... Go and research the guy. All hands are stored and you can try to find patterns in his play.

But more importantly what are your patterns, what leaks are hidden from you? I'm not going to tell everything here but a smart thing I started to do is this:

Let me say this week I've been very unhappy with my play. I keep calling down people way to loose, make noobish mistakes. And often on the river bet by them I'm like meh I got top pair, or overpair. But I know I'm beat. Instead of folding due whatever reason that may be I always call stupidly and my read was everytime spot on. I knew what he had and I still call. You should crown me the masterfish. Making such a good reads but making the biggest nooby calls.

So I started a little game with my pokerbuddy about this to help my game but also his game. Everytime we make a stupid call like this when you know you are behind you instantly boom the hand if you called it. In the last 2 days. I only did that mistake 2ce. which is significantly lower than before. Those games or mindsets really help you make better poker.

And finally but surely what I use HM2 for after every session is. I show all hands of the session and order them from losses. So biggest losses showing above and going down. I review eevry hand there which made a bigger loss than 10BB's. And see whether I like or dislike the play. I used to dislike a lot of my plays there, however now as I keep seeing bad plays come up. I don't make those again as you got living proof its a big leak.

Go and be original yourself get yourself some tracking software of your hands. And try and filter  it some crazy ways. It will always show you whether it was profitable or not. May it be a position at the table. May it be a certain hand. May it even be 3bet pots or isolations. Are my squeezes profitable? GO AND BE CRAZY! Analyse it yourself and think logically about what you find out.

What I'm saying is. Go out there and improve your game. You are the only one who can. Me and others might be inspiration or motivation. Ultimately it is you who has to do it.

Hopefully you had a nice read, until the next time. Always feel free to contact me or whatever. I'm always open and ready to assist.