This post is dedicated to PSO expressing my graditude for having this wonderfull community!


First of all I want to dedicate the thanks to the staff for running the video, forum and blog sessions smoothly! Making this a very enjoyable site to roam for learning poker in 2012. Special thanks to Royalraise85 for featuring some of my blogs spreading it's word in hope to teach help & learn fellow PSO-members.

Also I want to thank my graditude for the trainers out there! Spending countless hours this year making sure we can watch their professional games in live training. Helping us with eevry single aspect of poker to improve us!

Thank you: André 'HoRRoR77' Wagner, Dave 'TheLangolier' Roemer, Felix 'xflixx' Schneiders, Chris 'ChewMe1' Melhuish, Gareth 'GarethC23' Chantler, Tyler 'Frosty012' Frost

Also I want to thank many of the pro's for sharing their sessions this year with PSO in the library section.

Personal thanks to Daniel Negreanu & Vanessa Selbst. Both my inspirations that keep me going and keep me motivated to improve my game!

Last but not least the community members! I could and still can count on your help whenever I would need them. Most of you are prepared to give you insights and help out to the best of your experience and knowledge. Also a big shoutout to those trusting people to stake them to try the ironchallenge. Trying to teach others is a very good thing! As I see it:

Pro's - teach(ed) - instructors - teach - PSO members -  teach & help - PSO members.

If you can't see the love in the system you aren't looking good enough!

Basicly what I want to say is thank you all for being around and helping out. Hopefully we can try and make it an even better 2013!

PS: If you appreciate PSO yourself I encourage you to make a personal thank you blog yourself to show your graditude. So the owners, coaches basicly everyone involved knows what this site means!  You can post your forum link in A topic I made here

I certainly am intrested in reading them all.