2 months ago my bankroll was $20 and I started grinding the 2NL zoom 6-max. I've read about many people here turning small bankrol into a big figur within a month. like 400-500$ Really nice for them. Personally I don't know how they do it. Maybe they won an MTT? maybe they grinded madly? Maybe they played a riskfull bankroll management and got payed off? I don't know, if none of the above is true. I'd certainly want to know how they did it and what their amount of BB's profit each 100hands is. Mine for example is around 10. Which isn't great, but it's decent. Certainly for zoom I pressume.

But back to the story! I started 2NL and notice you pretty much have to play solid there and don't pull many bluffs to actually be profitable. People can't folld overpairs and TPTK's there. So basicly there is profit in for you if you flop strong. And occasionally people bluff you for their BI. Combined with preflop ALLIN's which are weak and you happened to hold KK AA. So 2NL is pure patience in my eyes. Unless you are a super pro microgrinder. In that case please enlight us all, as I pressume many here are stuck in the microstakes fe. 2NL.

Moving up to 5NL, I did this around a bankroll of $50-$70. Some of you out there will find this early because ye... you only have 10-14 BI's. However I knew already I could beat those stakes and get a higher profit there than in 2NL. The profit was funny enough embarassing in start. 5-10BB 100hands. Occasionally youh ave a monster session of 30-50BB 100hands. I don't know my real profit because I noticed yesterday I don't save my handhistory. But I keep somewhat track of profit a session and amount of hands I played. I love knowing how I'm doing and stuff. And calculate how much more hours I gotta put in to reach $100 for example.

I've been grind 5NL for at least a month and half. Thus giving me notes on all grinders and knowledge about many of the occupational players. Combined with that I've been mixing up my game alot (Last blog about maniac). However in 5NL people don't really seem to adapt too much to your play. So being a maniac isn't really that good of an idea. But if you are capable of playing maniac style without profit and without losses. I should advice you to do so. Gives you for 1 alot of VPP's + your image gets broken for those who do watch out for you. All we want in poker is having a loose aggressive bad image. People will then decide to make a stand to you with a marginal holding. And when you then play solid get payed out sums of money. Them thinking wow he got lucky holding AA that time etc. Another good thing it gives you insight to is how other players react. Which will give you more insight on certain players on how they perform.

In all honosty the player I would fear the most, is the player I described in my last blog. Because you'll never know for sure what his range is in that spot. So then you purely have to go on statistics or gut. Which makes it very very hard to play against in my eyes. Theres nothing more annoying than not knowing what he's holding. As response people start making a stand or avoid playing against you in big pots. All in all ideal!

But I got away from the original story again. As you might notice I'm a writer that writes what comes up to mind and share it with you guys.

So fair to say over 100k hands or more in 5NL I could beat the stakes easely. But with a mediocre or even good profit. I can't really compare to others. However I'm pretty sure my winrate is higher than most grinders there. Cause they nearly all avoid me unless they have AA KK etc. I'm not scared of anyone at the table. If someone is better than me most would suggest to avoid them. But I see it differently: You have 2 ways of approaching a stake.

- You play and grind the stake looking to gain as much money as possible. You are litteraly grinding to get a certain amount of money to either cashout or move up stakes.

- You play like me and play every hand to it's potential not caring who'm I play against. How can I? I don't have a HUD and thus far no need for it. I'm sure if I have a HUD, my profit would be slightly higher. But playing without a HUD gives you more tells on everything else than those numbers. reaction time, betsizing, 3bets, bluffs and notes. I feel if I played with a hud the last 2months I'd be way to much focused on those numbers than the players other 'qualities'. But as I was saying I play every hand and position against anyone. Even though I know he might be better than me, might be super 3-4betterstyle maniacs etc. I see those moments as educational for future profit and future skills. By playing back against those players you learn how to play and learn how to adapt. Making early losses perhaps but future profits. I literally don't care about losing a BI in 5NL.

So ye I grew my bankroll up to over $100 dollars. And then the bad habbit turns up. I love LOVE LOVE playing tournaments with higher buy-ins. 11$-22$. And little over 2weeksand 4weeks back sure enough wasted it on tournaments dropping me down to 60$ or something everytime again. However this could also be perseved as a shot. If I happened to win or finaltable my moneyboost would be big. But variance is variance and in my eyes its my biggest BRM leak!

But I'm just a man... I make mistakes and I can only look to not make that mistake again. And writing here about those things really helps myself out and hopefully also others. I could honostly say if I wouldn't have played MTT's. My bankroll would be way over or around $300-$400 now. I dont' keep track of that.

So as the bankroll dropped I had to grind 5NL again and again. I got so bored of it because I could literally do it while passing out being drunk. My play there is already so automated. However don't get me wrong. When I'm drunk my winrate will be lower! But I'd still beat the stakes. As matter in fact I did play it a few times drunk and turned nice profit But I can only suggest people doing that when they can crush/ comfortably beat a stakes.

(ps: I made myself the drunk rule. I may play drunk, but I may only play 2NL at start. The play may not influence your Bankroll if you drop 5BI's)

So this now drops us to a couple days back when I got my bankroll up again and was in the middle of my run towards getting HM2. But then I was forced due personal reasons to withdraw a rather big portion of my bankroll. Putting me back in the same spot. As wasting money for tournaments. However this time the money is used on something I had to do.

And I felt a little down this time my bankroll was $100 which fair to say is still ok. But it was rather much bigger Having to lose over 50% of a bankroll or even 30% is a big blow to the players mentality. At least mine, and I stopped playing poker for a few days and even now I feel like I can't put in the amount of hours a day anymore.

For complication reasons I didn't yet mention that I took a fair amonut of shots in 10NL already. the last 2weeks. And it just wouldn't pay off. I had some good small sessions, but kept losing it again. (Good session for me was winning 2BI:p) I felt like I couldn't beat the stakes, only like play breakeven. Which on itself seems to be good? But I only love beating stakes, so kept playing 5NL.

But the $100 bankroll grew again to little higher as in $127 and I decided. **** it I play 10NL. With the strict rule. If I drop in a session under $110 I am forced to leave to minimize the damage. And surely it was like a rollercoaster of 2BI's. i go up to $150 and drop back down to $120. And so on. They key thing to know is, the more hands I play the more notes I get. The more notes I get the more profit I'll gain. So the profit is a working progress!

In 10NL people are significantly more aggressive. You'll get 3bet a little more, you'll get check raise bluffed (which in 5NL rarely happens) And I started calling the Check raises a little more with me good hands. Seeing what the turn brings etc. And slowly but surely I felt more confident in the stakes.

So I decided to start mixing it up. I played 100-200hands as a total maniac I 3bet every hand on button with potential against CO raises. I squeezed alot. I 3bet buttons and CO in SB & BB. I 4bet alot when I see someone button 3betting me or when I know he already 3bet me before. (I take a mental note every session when someone 3bets. I remember the name and when he 3bets me again that session I will always 4bet him. With a few expections ofc.) After that I decided my top right table of the 4 will remain my maniac table & highopening table. The other 3tables I start playing solid again. And in that session (after the 300hands) the upcoming 600hands my profit was monstrocious! 75BB / 100hands. Without having AA vs KK etc. thats standard. Just because people started making mistakes against me and not giving credit.

I only risk 1/4th-1/5th of a stack to pick up around 1/10 ot 2/10th of a stack. And never really risk more unless occasionally. Putting me in a good spot if I do get in more chips. Which means if I get in more chips postflop or preflop. They are crushed if they make a counter move against me. This session felt like I was on the top of the world. After playing a decent amount of hands there and not getting profit and now all of the sudden it goes well. It feels amazing!

All I did were a few adaptions and actually play the same play I always do. Just try and make my image bad seemed to have worked. But I gotta keep my head straight. 1 session doesn't mean you beat it. It could just be variance that he happened to have 4bet bluff me. or bluff me again. etc. It's possible. However before I was never ever bluffed at further than 3bet. I never had the pleasure getting AA KK's in against something horrendous. But now I did.

The next day I didn't want to play 10NL for the reaon ' damn I don't want to lose my profit:p' But eventually I do play ofc. But again with the rule if I drop below x I stop. Which mostly is about 150BB's. Gives you wiggle room to get sucked out upon etc. But again my session went good. Not great but good. At least alot more profit than 5NL. And the upcoming days I kept on doing it. It just seems like I get my money in as I always do but get payed out more often.

Theres this guy who keeps 3betting me or 4betting me. And I only react with good hands against him when I respond for more than 1/4th of stack. I made already some nice profits on him. I at least have 5notes on him preflop and postflop. Today I also played a session already of 10NL. And my bankroll grew again. I calculated that i need to play 23hours, to reach goldstar. But I'm scared of putting in too much volume at once. I rather built it up slowly analyse good the stakes before going on auto pilote and grinding it for several hours. The length of a session now varies between 40min-1h.

Also important to note for me was that I was more scared to play 10NL with bigger stacks. because ye well you can lose more. However I'm a really really competent player in big stacks. Yesterday I played for little longer and in no time like in 5NL I built up big stacks. On table 1 I had 23$ table 2 36$ table3 16$ and table 4 I don't remember but in the 30$. And I wasn't scared at all. I just played like awesome. I can only hope that my running keeps going like this. And if it does I will withdraw 50$ (20euros from the stellar rewards it gave me) and then invest 50$ from my birthday to buy HM2.

With this big story I just want to tell you guys... Never give up! You'll get there. It's gonna cost time. You'll get knocked down very often. Just keep standing up again and fight your best. It's a pitty nobody wants to train with me in zoom through teamviewer and skype. Could have improved our both games alot. Still open for people asking. Message me if intrested.