Yesterday I'ev had a terrible day of PLO. Lost 1/5th of my bankroll in no time. As earlier stated, PLO is with high variance, and I happened to run in awefull spots all after eachother. But I don't let the mood or bankroll status get the best of me, so I went for a small walk away from the computer.

When I came back it was time for Zoom! It had been a few days since i grinded the NL5 6max tables. So I popped it open and started playing. No surprise the first 1k hands or so went horrificly bad. The losses were minimal but still I just made some bad calls got in some unlucky spots. And then a text from my gf hit my phone.

I don't really have a policy of no music, no phone during sessions. So I read it and played on. I can do so because my play is very automated and so far I always know what to do preflop postflop. The only new decisions come from the turn on. And all of the sudden everything changed. I started making good laydowns, good calls. My biggest losses come from bluffing & bad calls when I know I'm beat most of the time. So everything feel into eachother and my A game arose.

Also yesterday I started betting bigger when I had top pair top kicker or sets. trying to hit maximum value, and noticed people call you down easier. For some reason they don't believe you if you bet 80-110%pot (depending on the flop & hand.)

In just 5k hands of that evening I managed to get myself 14Buy-ins! Which is significant.  And today I played 1k hands and I got another 3buy-ins. Ofcourse the variance was on my side. I won eevrytime when they went all in on the flop with a flushdraw or straight draw. Only lost 2ce when I had it in with a set. and they had an overpair. They obviously hit their set on the river

I know what I'm going to do, play more zoom! Damn either I improved my game alot, or I must capitalize the maximum on my upswing Bankroll is higher than ever now. A few more days and I have a shot at NL10 again. I'm curious how much my play will have to adapt to suite that more aggressive limit. Who knows, perhaps I don't have to change it.

My next blog I'm going to explain how i play pocketpairs. I briefly already explained it in the forums. but it might be intresting for some to read the math I use behind it. It's a evry easy trick for me to know whether to call a 3bet or not. etc.