So in my last blog I explained my new rule that every day I have to deposit $ into € and also after a good session.



The last 7days I've been doing this and I succesfully had to change $ -> €   17times! instead of 7. And my normal $ bankroll still went up significantly. I won't use the euro account atm, but will spair more so it will become more impressive for myself.

The new month is there and I find it somewhat hard to keep grinding the zoom micro stakes. Well the hardest part is getting started, because it always starts of slow profit for me. You just gotta put so many hands in to gain profit. The profit in zoom is lower than in normal cashgames concidering hands played. But it also benefits you, because you can play easely 5k hands a day. even 20k if you put in some more hours. The profit should be significant, if you don't tilt or spew chips.

Spewing chips is so easy in zoom. Tilt for just 5min or find yourself playing horrible poker and you are down 2-3BI... Thats so significant it must be avoided as much as possible. But my biggest leak is still bluffing. I always keep saying to myself, you can't bluff them because they don't understand poker. But I somethimes just keep doing it, knowing its a good move. But still get called badly. But in the end the bluffing from me is bad.

The reason bluffing is so expensive and a big leak in microstakes is that a bluff will only likely work if you are prepared to make a significant raise, or commit your whole stack. You risk sooooooo much and you only gain so little chips if it works. If I analyse the hands again, I recognise it as a well placed bluff. But you can't expect bad players to understand it. And the worst part is you risk 100BB to only win 20-30BB. So it has to work succesfully 4times. That is just never profitable in microstakes.

On the other hand I've been intrested in PLO for a long time and never really was profitable with it. But as I'm a stubborn player and always want to make my weak spots a strong spot I learned studied and did my best to improve my PLO over the last year. (PS: I used to be SNG MTT player and I was super bad in cashgames and zoom poker. Same reason, learn study improve and you will get there!!! I'm profitable now on all microstakes.)

My PLO game isn't good enough imo to start playing the zoom version, however my reading skills and notes really make it profitable to play the cash PLO tables. (I am now capable of running 4 at once.) I haven't yet played a tremendous amount of hands, but the few thousands I did made for a lot of profit.

The reason I am intrested in improving my PLO is because it isn't yet so mainly figured out by people. Let me explain.

In NLHE cashgames you got the spewers and bad players but you gotta wait for a hand to get some chips from them. But they also have to flop some piece in order to get value, as they are somewhat knowledged of how to play poker. So the avg value a hand is pretty low. You gotta put in an awefull lot of hands to grind yourself out of the microstakes. At least thats the impression I have. Which is a good thing in the end cause you learn by every 1k hands you play.

BUT in PLO the value is so much higher, people in microstakes don't know what good hands are or good draws. When to bet their draws when not. They call you down with 2pair and lose 100BB's over it. Call you down with a middle flush, while you have the nuts. So I realise they call you down very light and with notes on them you know how to play them for maximum value. But the beauty in PLO is. You also gotta wait for hands, but when you hit strong, theres a way bigger chance to get paid out. (Keep in mind the variance of all in on flop pots is rather big. As if you get it in with top set on a dry board. The opponants might get it in with a flushdraw &or straightdraws. Making it somethimes a coinflip.) Just make sure you calculate your odds and make correct play.

Be reminded for those I might inspire to start PLO. Be carefull the learning proces is really hard and takes time. But once you get there the reward will be nice! I think today I already made up for all the losses I made in the past for PLO, only by having the nuts and getting paid by bad players.