Hey guys this is a bit of a seperate blog. The tables have been going really bad on me the last week. Massively running in AA with KK. Set over set a couple of times and when I get AA in preflop the QQ/KK suck out on me. Well we cannot get emotional for these beats as its standard, and nothing can be done due that.

So I came up with a new idea for myself to help my bankroll building and affording myself some great fun. This new method is quite aggressive and forcing myself to bring my A-game every day and also more than just 2 days a week.

This is what I added in my play:

Every day I force myself to conver 60BB's of the limit I'm playing into EUR. So concrete:

NL2: 60BB = 1.2$ into EUR

NL5: 60BB = 3$ into EUR

NL10: 60BB = 6$ into EUR

You keep your dollars and EUR accounts totally seperate. So this could mean you drop stakes, this means you are not playing enough or your profit rate isn't good enough. (In my eyes) Obviously you can change the 60BB to something lower if this pleases you more.

The idea is to get 600BB aside every week as some sort of extra rake and something besides your grabbing (besides of some rules I'll state later.)

For every wonderfull awesome session, of winning over 500BB I force myself to post another 60BB into the EUR bankroll.

Why do I do this?

It allows me to tilt less and waste less money once I'm having an awesome session. After some really good sessions where I'm up 8BI, i somethimes register to bigger tournament and such, wasting my money. Now it will be harder for myself to keep on doing this. As I gotta make sure I'm at least break even, making me play more and more solid.

Rules for the EUR bankroll:

I make myself some rules, as that bankroll will steadely grow and if you grow in limits it will grow even faster. As long as you can beat it.  Every week I am allowed to take a max of 10% out of that account to use for something:

Maybe a big tournament I wanted to play (like the micromillions main event. or some other tournament with a bigger buyin.) As thats a seperate bankroll, it won't harm the lightest towards your grinding towards the top. The 10% could also be used to take a shot at a higher stakes.

How did I come up with this idea?

Well I watched a blog video from Daniel Negreanu about how he had gamble depths and had to cough up $500 every week to pay off. I see those $500 as my 60 BB. A way to motivate myself and forcing myself.

Here is the link to the video, really inspired me as a player! ty Negreanu.


Good luck everyon at the tables, and if you decide to do something aswell as this. Please let me know I'm intrested in your approach & or oppinions