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So we already know what I open and how I basicly play it on from there. But calling is a totally different matter.

On zoom NL2 I will call any pocket pair and try to setming. In or out of position, the reason herefor is, is that they just never squeeze in NL2. Making your call see the flop 90%+ of the time. I always fold when the C-bet when I dislike the board. Floating & bluffing are not able for me on NL2. (For this reason because of my loose calling range and easy folding range the calling might be a losing play in the long run. However I feel it's fine. I could also concider only calling from 66+ or only multiway calling any pocketpair.)

Multiway I'll be calling all suited connectors and occasionally suited 1gappers. From the BB multiways I tend to call all suited cards that can make a straight, looking to play 2pair, trips or flush/straightdraws. These ranges of hands make it so easy to play postflop you either have the nuts or you have an easy fold. All you gotta do is make sure you bet right and get maximum value. (I'll say my betsizing and stuff later)

Then you have the broadwaycards still to look out for, which do I play, which do I fold? Suited broadwaycards I play every time. I call with them aswell as with AKs. For the reason that we'll often be headsup or 3way. I feel like I can get away easely if they have a set or hit a flush/straight. But get enormously much value from domination. (I only play this way in NL2) Out of position I'd call broadway cards no problem if headsup for sure.

Exceptions: When UTG raises I tend to proceed more cautiosly.. For example UTG raise 3BB and i'm UTG+1 or CO. I will fold KJo to avoid being dominated and KJo just doesn't play well multiways. I think the reward / risk ratio isn't good here. The later in position the more I like calling it because chances for HU are bigger. And I feel I outplay them easely and get away from hands fairly good.

Postflop play: From the notes blog you'll still know HU i'd bet anything checked to me. Just to recognise weakness/patterns for my opponants. The wetter or stranger a board For example 3from same suits or 3connector cards, the easier someone folds if they don't hit a strong draw or top pair. Meaning they'll fold easely so take a stab, you'll take it down often enough. Here I'd bet around 50-60% if it's just a c-bet to take it down. If it works 50% of the times it's already profitable. And I feel like it works way more often as they tend to donk out whenever they hit it strong or want to defend it.

Important to know in my case is. I have 3buttons of betsizing. 60% 70% and 80% 

60%: C-bet or donk on turn. This is my most standard bet. Also when I'm on a draw I'll bet 60% to inflate the pot a little when he calls, which makes for bigger payouts if I hit. I'll also 2nd barrel here. Which often makes him fold or gives me a chance for a big payout on the river if I hit. (On river I already think I know his strength in the hand. Either he also was on some draw or had a made hand from the flop like top pair. Then you have it easy any missed draw will fold, so a decent bet can be made. like 70-80% to get called by 2pairs and top pair. (Sets they'll often have reraised.)

70%: When I feel the opponant might have hit, but I am most likely to have the best hand. For example QA and you flop a Q.  The difference is only a few cents, but it allows for a little more value. And they'd call/fold as much as a 60% bet.

80%: When I have the nuts and feel my opopnant hit this hard or not or has a strong draw. They'll float a little less, but you get alot more value towards river. If the hand didn't get too dangerous after turn and river. You can always elect to check it down if needed. The likelyness he'll try to trap you here and check a river to you is higher. Then he can put you all in on river. But most of the time you'll have the best hand and try to maximize value from weaker hands. The idea here is to stack them, or get 2streets of  big value.

- Lot's of you might think of this. Wow eaz reads to pick up on you sentras. Exactly true! But I feel I can do this in NL2 as they don't pay attention at all. However I did make you aware that regular grinders might effectively pick up no this. So pay close attention to how they respond towards you. If they adapted to you play. Adapt towards that and abuse it. -

So I feel there are still 2 common spots in NL2 zoom games which clearly expresses the lowness of the skilllevel

postflop: The 1BB donk towards you. This could mean 2 things:

- A blocker bet, made to let me fold horrendous cards. But mostly because he has bottom pair, 2overcards, a gutshot or backdoor draws. With other words this is steamed in weakness weakness and more weakness. So no matter what I have i nearly potsize raise them. They'll fold often enough to make it profitable. And the funny part is... they keep trying it. Remember to make a note. If they call  it might be to peel 1 card. And they'd donk out 1more time with 1BB. If no draw came in no reason to stop this strategy. Try the near potsized bet again just a little less. This will often get the job done. And on the river you can decide to do it again. You hand by then looks really strong and will everything if he missed. (Occasionally they'll show up with a strong hand that they either made on turn or river or from the flop. However they tend to really bet if they hit. so then you know he hit something if he start donking real bets instead of 1BB's.)

- A looking for bluff from opponant. Somethimes grinders or people have taken notice of better players pounding on weakness. So they bet 1BB assuming better players raising it big. But the mistake they then make is reraising it again. Making it easy for you to fold as you had nothing most of the time. And also make a note from that. If he elects to call you can still see his river cheaply as he donks 1BB or checks. So you can make notes on what he does with 1BBbet.

I often elect to make bad calls on river when they are grinders or regulars, just to pick up tells and patterns. Which will make me alot of money in the longer run.

preflop: The player open limps and alot of people follow. I get along in the action with any PP suited connectors, connectors and Axs. Why? only to flop the nuts or 2pair.

Then if I hit. I won't check hoping for a bet. (If the nuts flushdraw i bet 60% again to inflate the pot for bigger payouts later on. and still get to get away cheaply if missed.) If I have the nuts from the flop. I dont' waste time 60%70%80% betting. I'm looking to nearly stack or even stack people. I bet over the size of the pot! for example the pot is 12cents. I bet 15-18cents depending a little on how the flop is. People will call in limped pots with horrendous cards here. top pair, gutshots, flushdraws and even 2ndpairs hoping to hit 2pair. Meaning its valuetown!! If the board stays as good pound on it again. You only gotta be carefull with top sets or other sets. Flushes and straights just get it all in by the river. Hopefully you got a call and the pot is 35-39cents. (This is already bigger or as big as a normal pot on the turn HU.) So now Iyou have to see how much stack he has. if he hasn't had a full stack you can bet 70% and have him all in on the river easely. What I try to make sure of is that his call to my bet is more than 24% of the pot In case he had a draw and hits it on the river. It's still profitable in the long run to go all in then. So just make sure its above 50% bet.

If he has a full stack just pound a overbet again making sure yuo can stack him on the river or atleast get most of it.

Hope you enjoyed the read and please leave comments & thoughts If you know a next topic you wan't my opinion off. Please let me know