(All my blogs will follow on eachother. So please read my last blog first if you haven't.)

So we got the notes principle down and keep using those at great extend. You could also add more colours. Purple: floats 1 bet, folds 2nd barrel etc etc Just make sure you know what the colours mean.

So how do I go on approaching zoom NL2 6-max. Well important to know from the players is, they call light and play QQ KK AA straight forward as a 3bet. This opens a lot of room for reads and value. (If however you get to see in showdown someone had a high PP and didn't 3bet or limped. Make a note of it so the next time you can stack him or lose less chips)

Generally to avoid myself getting my good hands in bad, I make the rule I only 3bet QQ KK AA strictly for value and don't bother folding if an overcard hits. If they 3bet I call with QQ and play then on knowing AK KK AA but also lower hands and potentially bluffs are in their range. I like to see showdown in these cases so I can make a note afterwards to get his 3bet range. And abuse that afterwards. I always get it all in preflop with KK AA which is obvious. (Overplaying QQ's preflop might be adngerous as they are really tight in 3betting let stand 4betting. By calling you could lose less chips but still win a nice pot. For less variance. I must add many might be wrong to this as you lose value somethimes by not 4betting. However as we play so many hands fast I don't see a worry playing with less variance and a potential bluff line your oponant takes.)

So how do I play my JJ's and AK? Well I just call and play it as a flop. I notice with AK you get alot of value from him thinking he has the best hand if he has K10 A10 KJ QJ QK AQ and the AorK hits. Plus If you 3bet and get a 4bet your AK meets QQ+ and I rather not put my chips in bad. And if an A or K hits. It's like having quads as all 4 A's or K's are on the board. Not that likely (Also a good note is if they have JJ QQ's they often don't learn to fold those. So value is won when you hit.)

For some of you very tight players this is like poker in a nutshell opening broadway cards and lower PP's aswell? Well in zoom that might be profitable but you lose alot of small pots. Those SB/BB and there wide calling range but high folding tendensee postflop.

What do I mean? Well because they really just don't 3bet  at all unless they have something good it's really good to steal the blinds alot. As it might only be 3 cents its still 1.5BB and stealing that 67times is a full BI won. And as it's zoom that is very rewarding.

So what range do I open to come in as the aggressor  attempt to 'steal' the blinds?

First note I always come in with a 3BB raise. Also on the button as they call too light if I just make it 2BB raise.

UTG: QJ+ and all PP's. Occasionally also 45s+ suited connectors. (They fold often enough to make it profitable.)

UTG+1: J9s+ This range is pretty much the same, however they give you a little less respect towards this position.

CO: J9s+ but also start adding suited 1gappers or 2gappers. from time to time. ( I proceed carefully when multiway pot or button called me.)

Button: Any suited cards, straight potential cards and A8+ Q9+ J9+ K9+. (You can open soooo much wider here as the stealing alone is already profitable and they don't 3bet you or rarely.)

SB: Any cards you would play out of position or multiways. So broadway cards PP's and suited connectors.

BB: You can't open raise in the BB haha Defending out of position and calling in position I'll discuss later.

So my open raise got 3bet? First instinct should become watching how big his stack is and how big his 3bet is. A small min 3bet is either huge strength or huge weakness. (You can find it out either on showdown and make a note, or how i like doing it is making a 4bet. Then you instantly know for future.)

If he is small stacked 30BBs? I shove it in with AQ+ just because he might be tilted as the minimum BI is 50BB's and he obviously lost chips. They like gambling then so you'll often enough get it in good or get him to fold. I'd also shove 99+ I pressume and fold all the rest.

50BB's I only get it in with JJ+ and still call with AK and try to hit. 1/3times you'll hit your AK and still stack him with QQ's or with bluff /domination.  as you have to call on avg 6BB in a pot of avg 14BB's and still have an added value of his remaining stack 41BB's. Overall really profitable in my eyes. While shoving is the logic way as thats how they play in higher stakes. It's less profitable cause they too often call you with better hands At least so I feel.

100BB's I'll call 88's+ and multiways any pocketpair to try and hit a set. He'll pay me off his stack if he hits top pair top kicker or overpair. 4bet KK's+

So my general approach here is to see alot of flops or steal the blinds. The flopplay is really important because you'll need to become a good flopplayer if you going to increase your level and stakeslevel. At any hand try to put him on a range, and focus less on what you have. Knowing what your opponant has is more valuable as you'll play very often in position. (If you'd like more about this subject I can make a blog about it but let me know in comments or forum. Also if you like certain other details.)

The last option remaining is when 1 or more players calls your opening raise. I'll probably go further in detail with what to c-bet multiways and what not. But I can already say Headsup I C-bet every single board. whether I missed it completely or not If i'm in opsition or not. Also important to know is my classic C-bet is 60%of the pot. If they would fold 50% of those hands its already profitable! (I could also go further in maths here if you like make comment, and also the reasoning.)

Make sure to pay close attention to who are the regulars, they'll pick up on this and start abusing the info. However most people in NL2 aren't paying attention and just play their game. You've got to learn to adapt your play towards NL5, a great way to start looking out for the sharks there and adapt towards them.

If they call your C-bet, reraise or donk I'll discuss further when I'm actually discussing postflop play I suppose. Also how to approach limpers and limped pots.


I'd like to stress that this is NOT the standard book play. But this is my approach towards NL2 zoom and there will be leaks in my game. Feel free to point them out if you see them Help improve eachother is the goal by this. Bare in mind my play from NL5 and NL10 drastically changes as you'll have to adapt your preflop and postflop play alot.

If any suggestions or comments please let me know