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So as I mentioned before I talked sense into myself and started NL2 6-max zoom. For those that don't know this... I personally find that level incredibly low, and don't concidered playing it. Either they are incredibly loose cannons or tight and only play the nuts. So little money is to be won in general cashgames unless you are incredibly patient. But afterall patiënce is a must have for any poker player.

It is the 9th of november. The weekend starts and time I have! A great way to begin all over again. A bonus is that everyone is online alot of fish and alot of grinders. Today I'll share you my NOTES approach to zoom. I made myself do this as this will provide as a first really profitable approach. Next time I'll share my ranges into detail, together with why (this will be in several parts, as there is a lot to talk about.) Also will there be a part of when to fold and when to call postflop. In NL2 it is very easy to know whether your hand is good or bad postflop.(In adition with notes knowledge)

To give you an idea. Nearly every hand I play in zoom, no matter if it is 20h in the evening or 04h at night. I always have at least 1 note on someone on the table.

So what do I write and for what do I look?

First of all very important for some is to write down the date. So next year if you see that player again, the info might not be accurate. But as it is NL2 and very doubtly I'll see many in higher limits later on. I know it is a bith cocky and even rude to make such an assumption. However I am prepared to change my notes if I notice it. And from NL5 I will start making notes with dates aswell.

In zoom, many people just fold a hand if they are not going to play it. But if you notice a strange pattern or move by any given person I advice you to take those 20seconds to look at the hand. How to watch a hand after folden?:

First go to options> zoom options> and select 'display fold and watch'

Now you have in your fold button an eye button and when you press on it, you will appear folded but you can see all the action in the hand.

So far I use 3 types of notes with 3different colours. I'll go by them all with specific examples.

Player colour is RED:

Whenever someone else opens the pot for a raise and you call in or out of position. Important here is that you are headsup against this player. Now the question is will this player C-Bet?

When he does NOT C-bet and I'm in position I will bet it 100% of the time it does not matter what I have. Out of position i'll only lead out on the turn if I hit or the turn is a brick which unlikely improved his hand.

If this player folds in this case I make him RED! We know he will check fold to our bet if we are in position if he misses! So try abuse it as much as possible.

Why can I make this assumption? In zoom player have a very strict style of approaching there postflop play. Meaning if he reacts X one time he is very likely to do so again.

If it however is not true, don't hesitate to change the note again. If it happens again add a note of garanteed check fold to our bet.

Player colour is GREEN:

Also mostly applyable for headsup situation (somethimes multiway pots aswell). You valuebet your AA top pair top kicker or whatever... You are valuebetting and he keeps calling you down.
 Whenever you see his hand (when the hand is over and it got to showdown you can see it in the hand replayer.) If he calls very weak or with draws. I make him green and note down with what he called. fe: overcards, gutshot, flushdraw, backdoor? floats..

Next time I can valuebet bigger against him and know he will call with a very wide range. And you'll notice when he hits. When he leads out, check raises you. And you can easely fold. But also get at least 2 streets of value from him every hand.

If you are uncertain on the river... Don't be afraid to check behind, thin value isn't as important here yet. I think getting the basics here is more important.


Just by these 2 colours you can win alot of money already, just be ready to add information if you pick it up.

Player colour is YELLOW with note:

Here are all my basic notes about what I see of a player. Whether its about him being a good player or a bad player. Whenever I enter a pot against this player I make sure I read the note. This way I can know his range of hands better or his patterns postflop.

The best way to discribe what I write here is to copy paste some of my notes and add how I saw it.

- reraise shoves postflop on wet board. (This note does not tell me much. But it does tell me he shoves either an overpair, toppair +draw or just a draw. Meaning he is very aggressive.)

- Keeps firing PP even with overcard on board. (SB vs BB) (Here I know I can call him down with top pair if we get headsup. Meaning he can't lay down his PP's. or just bets hoping me to fold. I will assume this note is correct until proven otherwise, which then I'll add more info but keep the first in mind.)

- weak when small bet. 1/10th pot (Similar to the donking of 1BB bets, very regularly in these micro stakes. What I do is when someone donks 1BB against me headsup. I always make a near pot raise. Making him fold, call or raise. If he folds I add this and will take the pot down this way as often as possible against him. Whenever he donks 1BB he is very likely to be weak Be carefull somethimes there are 'better' players abusing this. Having the best hand and just doing whatever it takes to get the pot bigger. They concider the 1BB bet a valuebet. So after they call or raise me i give up on it. Unless ofcourse I have value.)

- passive player + limper
if 3 bets he has nuts

leads out with draw. (This is a note of various occations, it tells us he only 3bets with the very top of his range most likely QQ+. We know he limps and is passive. Meaning we can raise him in position and expect a fold alot and we can go to a free showdown if we want to as he's passive.)

- 3street bluffer (and donked out 3way) 2CE alraedy (One of the more profitable notes. Meaning he is capable of bluffing. Try to play as many pots against him with a decent hand and get him to get the money in. Raising is not needed as he'll put the money in the pot. Only reraise the river if needed. The 2CE already I added to confirm it wasn't just a tilt mode he was in. It is how he approaches a 3way pot. I even remember him doing it with 42o with not even a backdoordraw. He abuses the fact most people only call down 3 bets with top pair top kicker or 2pair+ Now we know we can call him down lighter.)

- if shoves big postflop he got it (I write this when he shoved the nuts on me and I called thinking to have the best hand. 2pair or set or something. Now I know I'll be capable of folding when theres a 3card flush out there or something. Will avoid me stacking off against him easely next time.)

- capable of shoving A5 against UTG raiser. ( This is a player probably with the tendency to have 50BB. Shoving so light expecting them to fold. Whenever I see someone open shoving or 3bet shoving i watch the hand hoping someone calls. Then I can make a note like this, normally I add the BB's he had also. Against this player I'll call fairly light.)

- posflop overshoving = 2overcards no draw ( Speaks for itself He shoves openly when he misses. probably AK. So I'll be calling him down with top pair and an overcard or toppair topkicker. Never will I call him with a draw myself. Notice the pot is only 7-9BB's and he shoves 97BB in that.)

- donks out with top pair top kicker. (As the skills here are low, some people don't have the concept yet to check to the raiser (which was me.) He happened to have me outkicked there and I called him down. Next time when he donks I better have a good hand to continue)

- Battle of blinds capable of 3betting air and bluffing afterwards (So if I have AA KK QQ, I will just call his 3bet and not 4bet shove him. As he 3bets with weak hand and bluffs it. So I'll get more value here calling. 1010 JJ AK i'd 4bet shove here, hoping for a bad call or fold. He'll be very likely to fold Ofcourse if he wakes up with a big hand it happen)

I'll leave it with these not assuming you all read enough and got an idea of what I write down in zoom. These notes make me very profitable in situations against players I played before. Who needs a HUD if you got this? It asks for a lot of work, but thats poker.

If you like to see more I'll be happely to give more notes or more tendensees you can pick up on the players. Also make the habbit to see every hand at showdown. Cause you then see how the player thinks on the flop and afterwards.

Also keep attention, better players will eventually notice you abusing their leaks and adapt. Just adapt to that adaption aswell and write it in a note if something suspicious happen

If you have any questions or stuff to add don't hesitate to ask/tell me in private messages or as a comment here.