YAY!!!!  I am so pleased to have won Event 27

- Pot Limit Omaha in the PSO - Private League Home Game....!!! WOOOT!!

Being a beginner, I must say I didn't really like the plain old Omaha at all, never mind Pot Limit to add to that.... PL has never really been my fancy.   But it is kinda growing on me.

I would normally get myself confused. but thanks to my trainer explaining the concept to me in a few words. Those words stuck in my head the entire tourney. 

Although I must admit. That I made a massive bet thinking I had a straight ---but didnt.

All I had was a high card Ace. That was a bit of a blind one.

Here are some of my hands.

This would be earlier in the tourney:


Full House...

This hand was a real bad call ...  Not the straight I thought I had like I had mentioned earlier. But I thought I did have the winning hand when I bet here


This is the final winning hand of the tourney....

A set - 666