BADUGI  aka badougi, paduki or padooki 



I found myself grabbing a late registration for a freeroll. I really was not paying much attention to the name of the tourney. As I had thought I set my filters on my tournaments.

I may have, but may have also reset them - who know maybe bombed it did not save my settings.

So - I found myself in the crazy game called "BADUGI". Initially I wanted out. But I was lucky to have a fellow poker player quickly give me the low-down on Badugi - not all. Just a quick idea of what good hands are.

For me this game is ideal - Why?

The reason would be is because I also find myself getting those rag hands which seem to look a lil like a BADUGI


Its nice to know that these kind of hands can actually pay off - and I love the fact that players can discard cards while playing.

Today- 09 March 2014 - 00h42 GMT, 08 March 2014 -17h42 ET.

I have registered in both the real and play money games in PSO League games.

So I will be back later to give you my thoughts - feelings, maybe some good winning hands if I am lucky,,,, I am quite excite to get going on this games.

 Wish me luck! 


My final thoughts and standings

I didn't do very well in the both real money and play money Badugi games. I came in positive ready to go and another player at the play money table had a few comments about me. As if I cant see chat and what he is saying. It knocked me off my play completely. I was razzled.

It really messed my whole vibe and I didnt really play the way I wanted to play.

Pokerschool Online is for people learning how to play the game. I dont mind that there are many members that have been playing for years.

But they should respect other players that are trying to learn. This is why us newbies are at PSO.

To learn. I eventually after telling the other player at the PSO table. That I think he is quite rude as I am sitting right here.

I have never blocked a players chat before on Stars this was the 1st time for me,.