I've seen Big Slick go both ways in my tournament time, and I've now seen the same in ZOOM. I'm still learning about how to read it right. Try this mistake for size:

I should have been on high alert when the MP player called the pot size bet on the flop. His follow up bet on the turn should've scared me away - but I could only see top pair, top kicker! Unfortunately my position only got worse on the river.

Now, on the flip side, here is a better hand for me (that recouped the above loss):

My pre-flop raise should have advertised "AA","AK", or "KK"; right? Well he calls. And calls the flop. And calls the turn. And calls my all-in on the river. He must have thought that I was bluffing.

So, hopefully after this self analysis I will slow down and think carefully about the meaning of the calls and bets that may indicate that the old Big Slick is beaten!