I have been keeping a record of hands in the Hand Replayer where I have made errors whilst ZOOMing. Wouldn't you know - it is often the speculative hands where I get unstuck! A9, A5, A6, KQ, KJ, KT, QJ. Like this one:

I thought I was good, and didn't entertain the thought of AQ (I'm learning now that people often call with AQ, unlike in tournament play where it is usually a 3-bet play). Maybe I could've bet more on the river to bluff A5?

The only other times I have made errors are with mid and low pocket pairs: 77, 88 and even TT.

I was far too aggressive with this hand. He may have thought I was on KK. I should've considered that he had an A, especially with that river bet. I lost big time!

So, now I'm trying to play these speculative hands a little better. How are you all going with those speculative hands?