I've reconsidered my hand range, and made it as tight as suggested in the Lessons. Apart from some Variance (eg. AK losing to KQs) I only seem to be losing hands when I diverge from the plan!

Take this hand for example:

Pre-flop I'm okay - using "Call 20", I'm in. The call on my c-bet at the flop should have alerted me to play cautiously on the turn. Instead I bet, and then check the river! It probably would have been different if I had changed those around.

I'm now finding it much easier to let go of AT and AJ. I'm still treating AQ as precious, but being very cautious when out of position.

I've been spending more time on the Ring Games (due to the 100 Billion), so there isn't as much to analyse at the moment. I may just have to start a Blog about my Ring Game experiences!