I must admit that I am still learning the terminology of a "wet board", and the influence it should have on my betting. This is particularly true of AA.

Here is an example of my misread when it was a wet board on the turn:

I failed to take account of the connectedness of the board (despite the crazy call pre-flop from the Villain, but I understand his betting after that due to the strong draws he realised on the flop). Thus, I lost big time.

Here is another example of a wet board on the turn:

Once that second T hit, I should have paid more attention to the re-raise, and got out. What was I thinking calling the All In on the river? I think I might have been on tilt at the time!

Since then, I don't seem to have run into any dry boards with AA - I've just been lucky to go All In pre-flop in response to re-raises. Fortunately for me it's been against KK twice, and my Rockets held!