It doesn't happen very often, but they say you should check the nuts in Hold'Em. As soon as I saw this I didn't take the advice for Omaha:

I have the nut straight, but all you good players know that this isn't the true nuts - look at that flush draw! So I get a pot-size bet going. One caller. He must have the flush draw, or KJ also.

His all-in at the turn confirms it, so I'm not surprised when he turns it over - KQs with a draw to the Nut Flush. I'm sweating it, but fortunately the odds remain in my favour.

However, for this one I DID take the advice to check when the moment arrived:

I make a set on the flop, so a normal c-bet.

On the turn - FOUR OF A KIND! There is such a low chance that I can lose this (4% for 4-of-a-kind Kings as long as he is holding one), so I'm going to play this slow. Make him think I was playing an A or a single J. I check to his check.

The river hits - no K! This is THE NUTS. He gives a pot-size bet, so maybe he's hit a straight with AQ. I'm raising (no-brainer), and I get a call! I was close - 9Q for the low straight. But he must have figured I had only made a set of three, not even considered a full house (let alone 4-of-a-kind).


So - have you had any similar situations that either went for you or against you?