I've been recently reflecting on how I seem to overvalue ATs. I fell foul of this in a recent live tournament, and unfortuntately got knocked out on the bubble when it ran into AQ. Well, how about in ZOOM? JJ is good, but something with which to be cautious after a three bet. It seems recently that I haven't been cautious enough with AT after some 3-bets.

It's an amazing flop and turn like this that makes you want to keep playing AT all the time:

Then there are times when I should have folded, but I got lucky:

However, I've had times when my ATs is called down by K2S, who makes the wheel! The worst of it was when I made a standard raise, and ran into the 3-bet all-in of JJ. This is the kind of play I have had to recently learn to avoid calling!

Unfortunately in the short term I'll probably miss a few wins (such as this one in a tournament):

... but hopefuly in the long run I will avoid big losses!

Your opinions on AT?