I had a bad run recently. Devastating. I was on tilt and should have got out before I lost 15% of my bankroll. Ouch! I've been reflecting on weaknesses and errors. Here are the first few.

I am out of position, but with a min-raise I feel okay to call at BB.

What an amazing flop. Because I'm out of position, I decide to slow-play.

I bet the turn to shake off flush draws. An opponent min raises. I 3-bet. I miss the implication of his call. I half pot bet the river, get called, and it's AJ. I'm out-kicked.

I think I made the right moves up until the opponent's 3-bet on the turn. I should have folded to that one. I think I was considering a flush draw, but I didn't consider the range of QJ, KJ and AJ.

This time I have position with a standard opening raise. Flop is great - Top Pair Top Kicker. Did I make a mistake of only betting about half pot here?

The checks make me think there is no T. I should have considered any slow plays and just checked, especially after they all call the flop, and I get one caller on the turn.

The big half pot bet by the opponent on the river made me immediately think it has to be a T. I wanted to know. Expensive choice.

So what lessons have I learnt? Be careful when you are out of position, even with what looks like a good hand that could be beaten with a better kicker. Also, when the board pairs, it is possible that you are beat. Don't just call to make sure!

Anything else I should have learnt? Please tell me.