Do you ever get hands that almost seem to play themself, because you are 99% certain you have the best odds? I had one of these this morning. Read about it before you watch it.

I'm dealt  at the button! Min-raise from UTG, calls from MP and SB. I call hoping to improve those Jacks.

Flop is . SB gives a pot size raise. I see 2 pair and those Jacks still able to improve, so I'm staying in the hand. One other caller at UTG for a 3-way play.

Turn is . I'm rejoicing. I have 2nd nuts. There is a small chance someone has 96, but I'm going all the way. SB makes a 60% raise, UTG calls, so I raise it 2.6x. SB shoves all-in (has both of us covered), UTG calls all-in, and I'm all in.

Flop is . Four of a kind. SMASH!

SB reveals  for a straight on the flop. I beat him at the turn!

UTG mucks  for WHAT was his THINKING? Hoping to hit the flush?

So take a look at it now:

Let me know if you've had any hands that play themselves recently whilst ZOOMing.