When you play enough poker you do get to see those pocket rockets enough (AA). If you're very lucky, more than 1 in 220; but how you play them is more important. I've played them both good and bad, and wanted to reflect on some experiences with AA on ZOOM.

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Pre-flop re-raise, and post-flop re-raise, all pretty standard. So he calls my 70% pot raise on the turn. Is he on 2 pair? I don't think so. Does he have the nut flush draw? Possibly. He gives a 30% pot bet on the river. There is very little chance he has the K. It's something busted. I'm right. It was a busted straight. Aces hold!

Again, pre-flop re-raise and post-flop raise standard. It's the turn where I DON'T pay attention to the signs. A check-raise! Has he got the T, or a flush draw? I need to be cautious, but I'm blinded by the rockets. Then it is a shove on the river. SO MANY BAD REASONS to CALL - but I do. He did have the T. Crash.

Pre-flop and post-flop standard. It was the call on the turn that should have alerted me. He's got to have a Q or K. AQ since he's the button? When he re-raised my river value bet, I SHOULD HAVE FOLDED. It wasn't as good as AQ, but it was definitely better than my rockets. Crash.

Ok - so this time I don't have AA, but I'm playing against it! Post-flop I've hit top-pair, and I get a re-raise. Careful. So I call, and also call the 60% pot bet on the turn. Risky, but I might be playing against a flush draw. There is so little chance that he has 25 or 57 for the straight. So when I make two-pair on the river, I'm certain I have the best hand. I re-raise his bet, and I crack the AA.

You've got to be willing to lay down those pocket rockets, even when you ZOOM!